Efficiency-driven ordering and billing system for large-scale military training

In a dynamic military logistics market, technical setbacks can cost a lot of precious time and resources. Therefore, ensuring operational efficiency, clear data processes and real-time insights are paramount. Any obstacle that prevents achieving these goals is simply unacceptable.  

Organisations committed to guaranteeing effective military logistics processes choose to back these complex operations with IT-powered decisions. And WilNor Governmental Services AS (WGS) a military logistics service provider in Norway and internationally, is among the industry-leading companies that support its operational efficiency with a top-notch IT system.  

We are more than happy to present a case study showcasing the successful partnership between WGS and Baltic Amadeus. The collaboration created HOBS, a system that enables the efficient organisation of the entire military exercise, from ordering the goods and services needed by the parties, negotiating prices, tracking the status of the orders, and informing them about the delivery of the goods and services and the issuance of invoices. 


WGS is a Norwegian company created for the specific purpose of providing military logistics services both in Norway and globally. Operating under the control of Wilh. Wilhelmsen Holding ASA, WGS offers services that cover the logistical requirements of air, sea, and ground forces during their preparation, deployment, and operations.   

The Norwegian Armed Forces, like any other NATO Host Nation, have been running run its business processes using Microsoft Excel and paper-based documents for the communication around Host Nation Support services offered to any allied nation (Sending Nation) visiting another allied nation (Host Nation) under a large exercise/operation. Without a doubt, such factors as various document versions, the absence of direct relations between documents, limited data traceability, and complex data administration became a massive issue while running a large-scale international exercise involving many stakeholders. Any lost accounts or similar inaccuracies can lead to inefficient logistics and significant financial losses. Therefore, WGS suggested to the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation (NDLO) that they could, with the basis of knowledge from the Maritime Services business processes, design a digital tool. WGS started looking for a reliable IT partner to solve these difficulties with an IT-based solution.   

Having a proven track record of implementing large-scale IT projects in Scandinavia, Baltic Amadeus came into consideration for the WGS case. Additionally, Baltic Amadeus recently created a ship tracking system that got excellent reviews from a Scandinavian client, adding to their credibility. Consequently, the partnership between WilNor Governmental Services AS and Baltic Amadeus was initiated. 



After a detailed analysis of the client’s business specifics, the Baltic Amadeus team offered to combine all the development services – orders management, delivery, invoicing and other related processes into one unified platform. The proposed solution was the beginning of – now well-known in the industry – Host Nation Support Ordering and Billing System (HOBS).  

The new system was developed in close collaboration between the business and development teams. HOBS solution has already proved its worth in the first exercises organised by the Norwegians, then attracted the attention of other countries at various military exercises. Later, the HOBS system was upgraded for higher safety standards and deployed in several countries.   

The web-based system showed significant IT-driven support for large-scale military training activities and operations. The solution successfully supports tens of thousands of deploying troops during military exercises by managing the NATO Statemen Of Requirement (SOR) according to the NATO Allied Joint Publication (AJP) 4-3 regulating Host Nation Support within NATO such as ordering goods and services, planning, tracking and billing. 

Added value

The newly developed system works on all major internet browsers, mobile devices and computers. Along with that, the system provides full visibility of military logistics for all involved parties – host nations, Sending nations and suppliers. Also, it speeds up the traceability of service recipients and billing procedures.  

Overall, the solution helped to substantially reduce the number of untraceable cases; view situational awareness of deliveries in real-time; reduce administrative footprint. Additionally, all participating nations were provided with comprehensive information before, during and after the deployment of combat power and logistics with full financial control at any stage. 

Moreover, the Baltic Amadeus receives yearly scope of backlog tasks for various improvements – successfully supporting the efficiency of the HOBS system. 


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