eCommerce platform: increase your online sales

In the evolving eCommerce market, there is no room for poor functionality, complex customer experience, or lack of scalability. Let us uncover your business potential with the professional eCommerce platform. 

We offer a full-scope service: from infrastructure to solution support and maintenance. Regardless of your company’s size, our team ensures your online business maintains a competitive advantage against competitors. 

We guarantee benefits for businesses and customers:

For businesses: 

  • generate a higher flow of possible customers;  
  • expand promotional opportunities;  
  • increase sales by using automated cross-sell and up-sell recommendations;  
  • ensure business continuity in challenging economic situations/periods;  
  • insights on customers’ data. 

For customers: 

  • save time on shopping in many physical stores and markets;  
  • easily compare products quality, price, and other characteristics;  
  • save money by buying planned or usually consumed products. 
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We offer core features and capabilities:

We will help your platform skyrocket with: 

  • Verified recommendations on your platform’s architecture, technologies, and solutions; 
  • Experienced and certified team based on internationally recognised standards; 
  • 24/7 support and maintenance to assure continuous sales; 
  • Cloud-based infrastructure (Microsoft, AWS, Google); 
  • Various integrations based on your needs; 
  • Security assessment, testing penetration, or SEO audit. 

Why are we a great match for you? 

  • One technology partner = multiple services. As a one-stop-shop, we can deliver everything from infrastructure to solution support and maintenance; 
  • Your needs come first. We give special attention to each client’s needs and offer the best-suited solution that differentiates you in a competitive market; 
  • Cutting-edge technologies. We use the most advanced to enable your business growth: Sylius, Magento, Adobe, Akeneo; 
  • Flexible and fast service delivery. Our development team can start working on your project in 2-4 weeks. 

Uncover your business potential with professional eCommerce platform CONTACT US >