Who we are

Started as the first private Lithuanian IT company in the late 80s, now Baltic Amadeus is a trusted technology partner across the EU, U.S., and Australia.

250+ IT pros work to enable digitalisation and leading-edge technologies toward clients’ sustainable business growth. To ensure you the most convenient IT experience, we offer top-quality strategy consulting, custom software development, eCommerce, omnichannel, mobile banking, technology consulting, Progress OpenEdge, managed cloud, data analytics, and B2G solutions.

We are creators – whether it comes to different sizes (SMEs, enterprises, startups) or industries (fintech, telecom, logistics, you name it). We transform our clients’ needs into top-notch IT solutions, products, and innovations – everything based on a simplified approach.

At Baltic Amadeus, our work quality, time-tested practices, and competencies are proven by the highest-level international standards – information security (ISO 27001), environmental management (ISO 14001), quality management systems (ISO 9001), and many others.


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Our strategy is to deliver the best digitalisation solutions based on cutting edge technologies by ensuring the finest experience for our clients, users and employees.

Our purpose

We simplify the digital world by creating valuable experiences.

Our vision

Trusted technology partner navigating businesses through digital changes.


  • Core values we live by everyday
  • Continuous learning
  • Expertise
  • Cooperation
  • Dream Team
  • Fun


We work in a culture built on respect for all forms of diversity
  • Unity. We embrace the importance of living and working freely and peacefully as our authentic selves. Therefore, we are united against any form of social injustice.
  • Equality. We ensure that everyone has equal opportunities to grow, develop and succeed in an environment where we are always accountable to each other.
  • Diversity. What we truly care about is PEOPLE — we respect and value ourselves and others regardless of race, religion, age, gender identity or sexual orientation.



The company’s management structure consists of several levels of the management team: the board, CEO, executives (CxOs) and division leads.


“When you are not alone on the road to success and have a strong team around you, the result may be 10 times better. But when you have an exceptional team, the sky’s the limit. I’m glad I’ve found a place where I can enjoy achieving objectives every day.”
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Andžej Šuškevič

Chief Executive Officer

Audrius Beniušis
“I see the eyes of employees burning with enthusiasm and the smiles of grateful customers. I’m proud to be part of this dream team every day.”
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Audrius Beniušis

Chairman of the Board

Ruslan Grumbianin
“I’m part of a wonderful dream team, and I’m happy to have the opportunity to help customers, teams and the company to unite and implement joint plans that every party achieves its goals.”
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Ruslan Grumbianin

Chief Project Officer

“Being part of BA means dreaming big and believing in what you do with all your heart, supporting and inspiring each other when it gets tough, as well as continuing to go to the edge of the world to make the impossible possible.”
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Akvilė Kazlienė

Chief Human Resources Officer

Vytautas Kaminskas
“Baltic Amadeus is a university of life at which you find like-minded people who encourage each other to improve and make customers happy, and that fosters leaders who continue to develop the EnjoyIT idea.”
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Vytautas Kaminskas

Chief Operating Officer

Vitalis Kavaliauskas
“The best thing is the fact that almost all Baltic Amadeus employees are hungry for development and full of ambition. The company provides the freedom and opportunities to achieve your biggest goals.”
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Vitalis Kavaliauskas

Chief Technology Officer







Unit Managers

“We succeed by bringing different experiences and personalities into a shared environment. Here, at Baltic Amadeus, everyone acts honestly and in a transparent, trustworthy manner which lets us maintain the highest standards of our services.“
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Arūnas Vrubliauskas

Head of Strategy Consulting

Dainius Neverbickas
“Baltic Amadeus is like a family to me, with its joyful and difficult moments. And we remain undivided, despite the circumstances.”
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Dainius Neverbickas

Head of Custom Software Development

“No doubts that one person never does great things in business. They are done by a team of people. I am happy working in a team of creators, builders and achievers.”
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Aleksandras Voitechovskis

Head of eCommerce

Mantas Mažūna
“Growth is never achieved by just being lucky. Growth is the result of having ambitions and dedication to reaching your goals. I feel that my personal traits are hand in hand with Baltic Amadeus values. We are aimed for growing our people, our network and our business.”
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Mantas Mažūna

Head of Technology Consulting

“We grow and improve every day – that is what I value most at Baltic Amadeus. There is never a day the same as yesterday. There is never “enough” when discussing people’s well-being or customer success.”
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Vaiva Kubilaitė

Head of Progress OpenEdge

“It really feels great to have a team to work with who are hungry for challenges and victories.”
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Alpis Morkūnas

Head of Business to Government

“By being a part the Baltic Amadeus family, I realised that company’s values are not just written on the wall. This is the strongest core for both marketing and brand communication.”
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Skaistė Krikščiūnaitė

Head of Marketing

Social responsibility

We strongly believe that creating value for clients, partners, and society is vital for every modern business. Our social responsibility policy focuses on the main areas: education and synergy between business and science:

Social responsibility
  • Being responsible for those who join us in creating tomorrow is the heart of our social responsibility, which we enable by:
  • Lecturing at universities and participating in their organised events;
  • Sponsoring the „Logo“ and „Bebras“ Olympiads for mathematics and computer science;
  • Supporting the Lithuanian Autism Association „Lietaus vaikai“;
  • Contributing to scientific conferences organised by the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences;
  • Upholding the most promising team of Vilnius Water Polo Club „Baltic Amadeus“;
  • Running the „Good Vibes Season“ initiative, we organise and join various leisure activities for children, elderly people, and donor organisations.


Our history



Project PLUS
Microsoft professional


Verslo zinios 2017
Verslo zinios 2015
German business 2015


  • Memberships
  • Member of the Infobalt association
  • Joint owner of Visoriai Information Technology Park
  • Member of the German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania (AHK)
  • Member of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania