Information security services

Information is the key business asset in today’s digital economy world.  

Along with that, information security has become an essential aspect of the strategic management of any company. It is a discipline that ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets. 

Benefits for business

  • Independent expert approach on information security management. Stakeholders evaluate if your organisation is appropriately prepared to defend against various information security threats. Then provide recommendations on implementing information security strategies into day-to-day operations to ensure business continuity and achieve business goals. 
  • Avoid negative impact on the personal data of third parties. Ensure that customers’ or partners’ personal data is secured. After data loss, customers or partners may receive negative emotions and suffer financial loss. 
  • Bypass negative impact on company’s reputation and brand. Save customers’ trust, ensure the company’s reputation, and brand image security. Recovery after a security breach or unplanned disruption in service demands a lot of time and resources. 
  • Avoid financial impact after an information security breach.  Costs after a data breach may include recovering ICT infrastructure and information systems, restoring data, rebuilding reputation, compensating affected customers, legal fees, and penalties.  

What to assess?

  • Information security management system. Assess information security management procedures and practices in the organisation. Compliance with ISO/IEC 27001 standard, best information security practices, regulatory information security requirements, etc.  
  • IT security architecture. Assess design and implementation of IT environment’s security controls.  
  • Public cloud security. Assess security risks related to the public cloud and its services’ consumption.  
  • IT infrastructure and applications security. Assess IT infrastructure and application security posture by vulnerability analysis & penetration testing. 
  • The resilience to social engineering threats. Assess the competence of employees to identify and report phishing attacks. 

When to assess?

Our services

  • CISO as a Service. Our team will help your organisation’s information security management. We will perform CISO tasks and help you improve your information security posture.  
  • Information Security Assessment. We will focus on the assessment of the information security management system and its compliance with information security standards, regulatory requirements, best practices (1), implemented Information Security Controls and their effectiveness (2), and IT security architecture (3). Our team will evaluate implemented security policies and controls to secure informational assets against threats/vulnerabilities.  
  • Information Security Risk Assessment. Our team will assess the organisation’s capability to manage external and internal threats. During the assessment, we will identify used risk mitigation measures, the potential impact on the organisation’s infrastructure and business continuity.  
  • Information Security Management Development. We will help your organisation to create or improve Information Security Management Systems by defining Information Security policies, guiding in Information Security practices establishment. Our consultants will use ISO/IEC 27k standards family as a baseline for establishing the information security management system. Also, we will adapt documents and procedures according to the applicable ICT and security requirements of national regulatory authorities.  
  • Cloud Security Assessment. Our experts will help your organisation understand security risks related to cloud infrastructure & services consumption and provide recommendations on identified risks mitigation.  
  • Penetration Testing. Our team will test the security posture of external network infrastructure, internal network infrastructure, web or mobile applications, and APIs. Performing a thorough IT infrastructure and application security assessment is a complex task that should be approached like any other software analysis – with a methodology, testing procedures, a set of helpful tools, skills, and knowledge. We will handle application security assurance topics daily, re-use gained knowledge and experience when delivering penetration testing services to its customers.  
  • Phishing Attack Simulation. Such service will increase your organisation’s resilience to social engineering threats by training your employees to identify and report them. Phishing attack simulation shows how easily employees could be affected by cybercriminals. Phishing attack simulation will be performed by email campaigns aiming to “collect” authentication information or “infect” computer with malicious software.  
  • Information Security Awareness Trainings. Certified information security experts will conduct information security awareness training for the organisation’s employees. The training aims to help identify potential threats, learn secure usage of the information resources, and develop an information security culture. 

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