Build-Operate-Transfer solution

Use a Build-Operate-Transfer solution to access hard-to-find competencies, optimise costs, and achieve the best IT project results.

Mantas Mažūna
Head of Technology Consulting

Mantas Mažūna
Head of Technology Consulting

Build-Operate-Transfer phases

  • Build. We form your offshore team, provide them with clear project requirements, and give them the tools and workspace they need;
  • Operate. We manage teams remotely, ensure cost transparency, and adjust team size flexibly as needed;
  • Transfer. We hand back all or part of the operations, including agreements, employee contracts, and infrastructure, to you.
BOT solution for startups (LaunchPad Accelerate)
Custom software development
Operational support and maintenance
Infrastructure set-up and management
Quality assurance and testing
Outstaffing and training
Transition assistance
BOT solution for enterprises (TechAlliance Dynamics)
Enterprise software development
Strategic IT consulting
Global IT infrastructure deployment
Cyber security and compliance
Cloud solutions and migration
Change management and training

Your benefits from Build-Operate-Transfer solution

  • Avoid talent shortages by gaining access to a diverse pool of experienced IT professionals – no matter their working location;
  • Optimise your costs by establishing operations in new geographies with minimal capital investment;
  • Foster collaborative growth and ensure full transparency by building a development centre with shared control;
  • Guarantee balanced Build-Operate-Transfer processes by sharing the risks during the operational establishment;
  • Retain intellectual capital and transfer the centre/assets back to the organisation at no additional cost upon agreed timelines.

Work with experienced IT experts

  • Expert-developed software. Our certified experts deliver cutting-edge solutions with the latest technologies and industry standards;
  • Future-proof approach. Foster seamless growth and rapid improvements with scalable and cloud-based software solutions;
  • Ultimate flexibility. With Build-Operate-Transfer, enjoy flexibility as we tailor delivery, pricing, and team structures to fully match your business needs;
  • Enduring efficiency. Achieve lasting efficiency with thorough analysis, testing, and best practices;
  • Customised solutions. Leverage our specific industry experience, gaining profound insights into your challenges and receiving tailored solutions.

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    Mantas Mažūna
    Head of Technology Consulting