Government and public

We build tailored IT solutions for government and public organisations.

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Government and public

We build tailored IT solutions for government and public organisations.

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Tech trends in public governance

According to Gartner®, new technological trends are paving the way for the next-gen e-government and digital public services.

Source: Gartner

IT capabilities for government and public enterprises

E-services. Create personalised self-service portals, service delivery and management platforms and other digital channels to seamlessly meet the evolving needs of employees, users, and customers;

E-registries. Let our experienced team improve data exchange, accessibility, and compliance in your public services through e-registry development and support;

Integrations. Ensure smooth data flow, real-time sharing, and less manual work between systems and databases, enhancing efficiency and performance;

Legacy system modernisation. Modernise your legacy systems and applications for ERP, security, interoperability, and e-service practices, ensuring high-level performance;

Source code quality assurance. Get a customised action plan with implementation support to address legacy information system challenges using proven practices and the SQALE methodology;

Microservice architecture. Break your large and complex software system into microservices to improve scalability, agility, reliability, easier maintenance, and development;

Data management. Support your public services through open, reliable and transparent data management solutions, and also enable Big Data benefits for your organisations.

IT expertise for public service solutions

Public sector expertise. We have a know-how of public service management and reporting structures, thus, we can work effectively with various stakeholders, following all relevant policies and regulations;

Dynamic Purchasing System supplier. Leverage the competencies of our seasoned IT team as needed through the Dynamic Purchasing System, where we have a proven track record of delivering timely and high-quality services;

Comprehensive expertise. Benefit from our certified professionals in IT architecture, security, business analysis, IT analysis, UI/UX, data analytics, software engineering, QA, DevOps, and project management;

High quality standards. Our work quality, proven practices, and skills are certified by top international standards like ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and ISO 14001;

Information security. We use robust security measures to shield software from cyber threats, unauthorised access, and data breaches. Our certified team is legally authorised to handle confidential information.

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