Logistics and transportation

Boost real-time visibility, streamline processes, enhance productivity in logistics and transportation operations.

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Logistics and transportation

Boost real-time visibility, streamline processes, enhance productivity in logistics and transportation operations.

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Modern data strategy is a crucial in logistics and transportation

Source: Deloitte Report

IT capabilities for logistics and transportation


  • Track and Trace solutions. Effortlessly track every movement in your supply chain with our advanced solutions, ensuring real-time insights and customer updates;
  • Fuel control systems. Easily monitor, analyse, and optimise consumption for cost savings and environmental sustainability in your transportation operations;
  • AI solutions. Enhance route planning, predictive maintenance, and demand forecasting, reducing costs and adapting seamlessly to changing conditions.


  • Performance monitoring systems. Optimise vessel operations by providing insights into fuel efficiency, engine health, and operational costs, enhancing fleet performance;
  • Unique ship software. Optimise navigation, cargo management, crew coordination, and operational efficiency for seamless marine vessel operations;
  • Regulatory reporting systems. Ensure compliance with international standards, simplifying complex reporting for safe and efficient marine operations;
  • AI-driven solutions. Enable predictive maintenance, route optimisation, and efficient resource allocation for enhanced safety, efficiency, and sustainability;
  • MRO solutions. Run maintenance and repair operations, featuring tools for planning, tracking, and executing maintenance tasks to reduce downtime and ensure the vessel’s longevity.


  • Digital channels. Enhance customer experience with efficient and user-friendly mobile, self-service and web platforms;
  • Parcel systems. Optimise sorting, handling, and dispatch, ensuring accurate, swift deliveries and operational excellence in your delivery network;
  • Integrations. Ensure seamless data flow, real-time sharing, and reduced manual effort, whether integrating eCommerce or internal databases, for streamlined operations;
  • Data analytics. Access accurate insights for informed decisions that allow you to optimise last-mile operations based on reliable and high-quality data;
  • Delivery management. Manage your deliveries with real-time route visibility, optimising routes, and providing reliable customer experiences through advanced IT solutions.

Why work with us?

  • Custom software solutions. We excel at developing unique software solutions that cater to the exact needs of logistics and transportation, ensuring innovation and effectiveness;
  • Proven industry expertise. Having a track record of projects in ground, marine, and last-mile sectors, we ensure seamless integrations and industry-specialised IT solutions;
  • Data intelligence. Equipped with proficiency in big data and refined data analytics, we offer valuable insights to optimise your logistics and transportation strategies;
  • Digital-experience-first approach. We focus on IT solutions with user-centric design and seamless interactions, ensuring an intuitive and easy experience for all stakeholders.
What our clients say
Frode Thulien
Frode Thulien
CEO at Star Information Systems
We consider Baltic Amadeus as reliable professionals of IT. Because of their responsibility, knowledge and experience we can improve our services and stay in the position as market leaders. We are confident we made a great decision choosing BA for creating our maritime- and offshore sector e-commerce solution, bringing features that creates value for our customers.
Per Tunell
Vice President at Wallenius Marine
We are very pleased with the results achieved together with Baltic Amadeus, who is our remote IT service development center for the project implementation. Their expertise and experience have helped us to quickly and successfully implement this solution that is unique in shipping industry.
Klaudijus  Šulcas
Klaudijus  Šulcas
Project Manager at Clever Transco LLC
We are grateful to Baltic Amadeus for their outstanding skills and seamless communication. They have shown their expertise in finding workarounds for any challenges we faced. The new tool they developed has greatly enhanced our operations and efficiency.

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