Unified IT systems for the debt company

Bringing IT systems together is a valuable effort for organisations. It enhances business performance, cuts costs, and boosts customer satisfaction. 

Therefore, we are happy to present a case study showcasing how unified IT systems improved debt company processes. 


The client is a leading European credit management services company in over 20 markets that provides a wide range of services to help businesses recover debts.

The company has divisions in different countries around Europe, and the issue was that almost each had its own IT system and unique process. The debt company sought to unify all debt collection processes and smooth communication between divisions.

With a proven track record in software engineering projects, we joined the project, offering expertise in business and system analysis, software development, team management, quality assurance, and testing services.



Starting with business and system analysis we created a roadmap to prioritise essential features to guide the product’s development and future enhancements. A thorough solution backlog was curated, detailing essential tasks and steps to attain project goals.

Our team collaborated closely with the client’s and other IT vendors’ teams. Together, we focused on implementing various business process packages, including portfolio investment management and CMS-related processes.

We executed development and integration tasks for the client’s new digital solutions while also providing software support and maintenance for their existing IT solutions.

Added value

The unification of the IT systems provided several benefits for the client. Firstly, it improved efficiency and reduced errors, ensuring more reliable and accurate data across the organisation. This also helped to simplify processes and centralise operations, making teamwork and communication among different departments easier.

Secondly, with unified IT systems, the client can reduce licensing fees, lower maintenance costs, and diminish the need for multiple support teams by eliminating redundant systems. This results in a more cost-effective IT infrastructure, allowing resources to be allocated more efficiently.

Lastly, unifying IT systems helped the client to ensure better scalability. It simplified IT management, making it easier to handle updates, patches, and security measures. This overall adaptability and security position organisations to navigate IT changes more smoothly.


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