Information system for shipping operations cut fuel consumption by up to 5% per vessel 

The world’s largest Ro-Ro vessels use advanced software developed by Baltic Amadeus.


A Swedish shipping company that controls a fleet of 145 cargo vessels and has more than 150 years of experience in operation needed a new uniform IT solution for monitoring and analysing ship operations.  

Their existing system was based on Microsoft Excel. However, it did not meet the needs for the effective consolidation and reporting of data transferred from sea to shore or continuous operation in the event of poor internet connections. 

 As a result, the customer could not monitor, analyse and improve its operational processes.  



Baltic Amadeus offered a Microsoft .NET-based solution comprising three modules – vessel, shore, and data transfer. The vessel module collects all the information needed, such as location, speed, fuel type, consumption, and other parameters, including meteorological data. 

This information depends on extreme weather and sea conditions and can be analysed in various layers. The shore module ensures the integrity of the vessel data and appends it to meteorological and other information.  

Finally, the BI module allows us to easily analyse the accumulated information in various layers and ways and monitor a vessel or a fleet’s chosen key performance indicators (KPIs).  

Added value

The information system solution has unified all data from sea to shore and streamlined vessel operations by shortening travel time and downtime in harbors. In addition, the system decreased fuel consumption by up to 5% per vessel (the typical cost of fuel consumption per day amounts to about $50,000) and helped to reduce environmental pollution.  

The onboard system significantly decreases the crew’s workload, allowing onshore teams to monitor every vessel and quickly increase their operational efficiency in real-time.  

Finally, vessels with a similar construction can also be compared, and their performance can be optimised.  


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