Progress OpenEdge development and system testing services for a Swiss company

A Switzerland-based company, Optiwork, aimed to enhance its construction project planning platform and decided to build a new system. To expedite the project, Optiwork partnered with Baltic Amadeus, which offered expert application development and testing resources. 

In this case study, we present the implemented tasks and created features or functionality for the new Optiwork system. We also explore our collaboration process between Optiwork in-house team, and external IT partner’s team members. 


Optiwork is a Swiss company that offers the DOMUS platform for construction project planning and management. It includes DOMUS ERP functions, cloud connectivity, mobile time tracking, and resource planning tools, all accessible on computers and mobile devices.

Recognising the need to enhance their system, Optiwork chose to develop a new one in collaboration with external IT partners. Additionally, they aimed to accelerate development by outsourcing some tasks to an external IT team.

As a result, Optiwork received a recommendation to collaborate with Baltic Amadeus, which could supply the required IT team resources to effectively support the project’s implementation.



Two Progress OpenEdge developers and one test manager from Baltic Amadeus joined forces with Optiwork’s in-house team and other external IT team members to carry out the project. Our team used Progress OpenEdge to set the backend of the system.

Our team created unique features, such as custom views with various grids and custom fields, allowing users to add extra properties to their data and documents. This way, users could also customise columns in the system’s catalogue view.

Furthermore, our team designed the system to be multi-tenancy with multiple levels. In this setup, the Optiwork system allows shared settings, data, and accounts, so users can have their own projects and share certain projects with others in the same virtual area.

Added value

Our collaboration with Optiwork was highlighted by several benefits. Firstly, the client was happy about our team’s expertise in Progress OpenEdge, which was essential for configuring the system’s backend.

Our team collaborated effectively with Optiwork’s in-house and external IT partners, and the client valued this seamless integration. Clear and proactive communication ensured that tasks were completed as scheduled and met the desired quality standards.

Lastly, our team showed full-on flexibility in both consulting and promptly executing ad hoc tasks and changes that arose throughout the project implementation.


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