Upgraded analysis platform boosted paid user base by 43%

Digitalisation fundamentally disrupts various industries. It especially touches on the investment sector, where data-driven decisions and a well-defined strategy are essential. Thus, technologies can play a pivotal role in making these procedures happen at the speed of lighting.   

More investment companies set a way larger focus on applying digitalisation to eliminate repetitive and manual processes and increase overall operational efficiency.  

Therefore, we are excited to introduce a case study about the newly upgraded Börsdata’s analysis platform for private investors. After Börsdata decided to team up with Baltic Amadeus, the tight collaboration led to fruitful results – the enhanced system grew paid user base by 43% after the project. Learn how we made it happen now! 


One of the largest independent analysis tools in Nordics – Börsdata provides a unique stock market overview with 10+ years of history, covering over 16 000 individually listed companies and instruments for more than 30 countries (data from July 2023).    

Operating in a competitive investment industry, Börsdata needed to enhance the existing system with over 200 ratios, strategies and valuation tools for listed companies in Nordics, the U.S., Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Japan and Australia. 

Börsdata’s legacy solution capabilities could not keep a much greater volume of data and real-time data streams, plus it lacked an intuitive, functional user interface. Considering the need for a technology partner with the needed technical competencies to upgrade their current analysis platform, Börsdata chose to work with Baltic Amadeus. 



While working together with the client, we analysed and designed IT architecture and also made the Proof of Concepts (PoC) to achieve the desired performance. However, it was decided to cut control operational costs by choosing cost-efficient Azure cloud services. After this, we jointly worked on an IT solution that provides end users functionality to analyse and use real-time calculated ratios as well as data based on daily stock prices.    

Throughout the project, our team delivered technical leading, IT architecture, analysis, development and quality assurance services. The final solution of the newly updated terminal uses Azure cloud services for performing and processing large amounts of data, .NET Core for custom functionalities and React/Redux for fast and scalable SPA UI.   

The upgraded analysis platform provides 1000+ calculated ratios spanning a 20-year historical period, allowing users to apply popular investment strategies for their chosen companies. Additionally, the system efficiently processed stock data for over 10,000 (by the time of launch) companies worldwide, highlighting any updates or changes through a user-friendly terminal interface. 

Added value

The Azure-based analysis platform played a key role in elevating Börsdata’s operational efficiency to new heights.  

In addition, the analysis platform’s upgrade enhanced a terminal tailored explicitly for professional investors and a responsive web platform for real-time information monitoring. This ensures that the terminal is prepared for future developments and can easily accommodate new capabilities as they arise. These improvements greatly enriched the UX and UI of the system.  

Lastly, the overall system’s enhancements contributed to an impressive 43% growth in the paid user base within just six months, showcasing the tangible benefits of the project for Börsdata’s business growth. 


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