High-performing eCommerce platform for one of the largest pharmacy providers in the Baltics 

While the eCommerce market existed for a long time, the pandemic spurred a giant shift in customer behaviour. People quickly moved from traditional in-person shopping to online. In 2022, 75% of internet users shared they bought something on eCommerce platforms – which obviously spiked a rise in demand, reaching a growth of 27.6% in global eCommerce sales since 2020.   

Mentioned events certainly were not an exception for the pharmacy field. Highly peaking demand made it clear – customers want a fast and convenient e-pharmacy shopping journey – and pharmacy service providers need to support it with innovative IT decisions.  

Although the market’s competition and customers’ needs were massive, we are glad e-pharmacy providers went fully into achieving a technology-powered eCommerce experience. Thus, we thrillingly introduce a case study about a newly built eCommerce platform for the Lithuanian pharmacy chain’s online platform – Eurovaistine.lt (further in the text – Eurovaistinė). 


EUROAPOTHECA is an international group of Northern European companies operating retail pharmacy chains, wholesale pharmaceutical companies, and online pharmacies in Lithuania, Sweden, Latvia, and Estonia. EUROAPOTHECA group was established in 1998. EUROAPOTHECA group comprises 796 pharmacies and 120 franchised pharmacies in four countries and more than 5100 employees. EUROAPOTHECA controls the pharmacy chain Eurovaistinė (274 pharmacies) in Lithuania, Euroaptieka (55 pharmacies) in Latvia, operates the Euroapteek franchise network (77 franchised pharmacies) in Estonia, and has 50% shareholding in Swedish Pharmacy Holding AB, which controls pharmacy chains Apoteksgruppen and Kronans Apotek (467 pharmacies and 43 franchised pharmacies) in Sweden. EUROAPOTHECA is a member of “Vilniaus Prekyba” – a private holding company which oversees, controls and manages the group of subsidiary companies operating the chains of retail stores, pharmacies and real estate development and management companies in the Baltic States, Sweden, Poland and Bulgaria. 

Eurovaistinė also ranks competitively among the top ten most visited country’s e-stores. However, the previous Eurovaistinė platform did not keep up with the growing demand, changing business and customer needs.   

Eurovaistinė looked for a partner that could fully build an eCommerce platform – solving painful issues of lacking flexibility, scalability and top-tier security practices. Wherefore, Baltic Amadeus has offered to build a fast-scaling eCommerce platform based on Sylius, an Open Source Headless eCommerce solution. With a track record of previously partnering with Eurovaistinė, this project became another technology-driven milestone delivered by Baltic Amadeus. 



Building a brand-new eCommerce platform was the core of the Eurovaistinė project. Moreover, we examined the possible pros and cons of implementing a period of co-existence between the old and the new platform – thus, we have jointly decided to make a one-time platform change.  

Evaluated that a meticulous user data migration is vital when launching a new eCommerce platform, especially for the pharmacy chain provider, Baltic Amadeus has chosen to use Sylius solution for its well-designed and flexible code basis, high performance, and proven security measures.  

Baltic Amadeus introduced a powerful and high-performing eCommerce platform that can easily maintain multiple out-of-the-box and specifically developed functionalities, such as various shipment methods (same-day or next-day deliveries), veterinary goods selling possibilities, different payment methods, loyalty programs, pricing models, integrations with ERP and warehouse management systems – all these features were successfully developed and launched by our team in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. 

Added value

A newly created Sylius-based eCommerce solution removed essential issues that Eurovaistinė had dealt with in its former platform – multiple downtimes resulting in lost customers and transactions, also poor UX and a lack of stability when meeting the expanding online business needs.  

Now, Eurovaistinė’s eCommerce platform can easily manage an instantly spiked flow of users – similar peaks as during the lockdowns in 2020 and 2021, as well as seasonal peaks during Black Friday, Christmas or other massive shopping sales – quickly get valuable insights on user data and extend promotional opportunities for customers.  

On top of that, Baltic Amadeus highly enhanced an eCommerce platform’s architecture. This enables solid resilience, flawless UX, and high flexibility. The project of building the eCommerce platform has set a full-scope base to enter Latvian and Estonian markets with the newly developed platforms for Azeta.lv (Latvia) and euroapteek.ee (Estonia). Baltic Amadeus created and launched all mentioned eCommerce platforms, helping meet rapidly evolving customers’ needs and keep a competitive advantage when entering new markets. 


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