Mobile app development for the largest insurance company in the Baltics

Followed by the pandemic and boosted digitalisation, the insurance market really stepped up its game in providing a seamless digital experience and a streamlined process, meeting customers’ insurance service needs.

Data from innovation company Xeridia’s report on tech-powered priorities for insurance companies show that 75% of health or other insurance information searches are already conducted through digital channels. And this number is expected to grow – meaning customers have matured trust and need for digital-first insurance services.

Today, there is an increasing tendency among insurance companies to enhance their self-service experience with a mobile app, which we view as a positive development. Thus, we are thrilled to introduce a case study about the newly created mobile app for the largest insurance company in the Baltics – Lietuvos Draudimas.


Lietuvos Draudimas is the largest insurance company in Lithuania and Baltics, with over half a million clients and EUR 70 million yearly claims. Having more than 1,100 workers, the company provides insurance services to more than half a million private and business clients. Moreover, Lietuvos Draudimas, whose shareholder is PZU S.A. insurance group, has been recognised as a top employer in Lithuania a few times.

Providing its services through a self-service platform and website, Lietuvos Draudimas encountered the rising need to create a mobile version of the platform – meeting evolving customer expectations and insurance market tendencies. Likewise, Lietuvos Draudimas aimed to enhance its customer journey by adding a hassle-free mobile experience where users can reach and use the core insurance services with a few clicks.

As a next step of this decision, Lietuvos Draudimas started looking for a technology partner with solid expertise in mobile app development as well as strong IT security practices. This is where Baltic Amadeus stepped in, proposing a mobile app with a robust security system to protect sensitive customer information.



Seeking to fully protect client’s and its customers’ sensitive data, the mobile application must exploit comprehensive security practices and technologies against various cyber threats. Therefore, Baltic Amadeus implemented the highest level of security controls.

Baltic Amadeus has taken measures to protect the confidentiality of the client’s customer data and fortify the security of the mobile application against potential cyber threats. To this end, the company has implemented a variety of advanced security technologies and practices, thereby equipping the app with the most effective security controls currently available.

Baltic Amadeus utilised various technologies and tools, such as Kotlin, for modifying a mobile app to work on Android versions (Google Play), which are higher than 8. They also used Swift for iOS versions (App Store) – higher than 14. As a result of these efforts, the app has a consistent and comprehensive range of features on both operating systems.

Added value

With the newly developed mobile application, the client enhanced its customer experience by offering an easy process to request compensation, viewing the status of compensations in progress while also having the ability to contact and chat with the claims handler directly from the app.

The app also provides the availability of an e-card on the phone and clearly visible balances – supporting Lietuvos Draudimas brand’s evaluation and loyalty from the customers’ side.

Additionally, the mobile app ensures seamless interaction between Lietuvos Draudimas and its customers by simplifying the re-authentication process with Lithuanian banks (SEB, Swedbank, and Luminor), SMART-ID, and Mobile-ID. This enables customers to access all necessary information efficiently and in one place.


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