System for crisis management in educational sector

We developed a solution dedicated to protecting institutions or organisations from potential attacks and extreme situations in any country.


Norway’s education sector, which is seeking to tighten its security and protect its institutions from potential attacks, needed an IT solution for early warnings and crisis management. The implementation of this was entrusted to Baltic Amadeus and Danish IT company Magenta ApS.



A solution was developed for Android and iOS platforms and all PC browsers. The system has integration interfaces with IP telephones, public address systems at education institutions and relevant external organisations. In the event of a crisis, the system records every incoming signal and movement, transmitted video and audio information and mapping data, and sends various alerts to organisations in the danger zone.

Added value

With the development and introduction of this solution in the Scandinavian market, Baltic Amadeus has contributed to strengthening the security of Norway’s educational sector and the prevention of terrorism. The solution has been implemented in the county of Akershus (Norway’s second largest in terms of population), where it will be used in 40 education institutions.


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