eCommerce platform that boosted shipping service quality and efficiency  

Baltic Amadeus has upgraded an eCommerce platform for ship maintenance, enabling efficient commercial ties between the buyer and suppliers.  


A world-class marine software solutions and services supplier approached us for an upgrade to their eCommerce system.  

With the increased volume of their business and the quantities of data processed, the web-based solution developed over a decade ago could not ensure the required working speed.  

In addition, the database structure and software could no longer support the huge amount of data. Therefore, the client could not develop new functionalities for the system to retain its position as a market leader.  



Baltic Amadeus offered the client a brand-new Microsoft ASP.NET MVC technology-based solution. In addition, a user interface (UI) scheme was developed, and a new system graphic design and file structure were offered.  

Detailed functionality specifications for the new eCommerce solution were prepared, and new functions were refined and defined. 

Additionally, integration analysis with the client’s order system and new system programming tasks were performed based on an extensive analysis of the old system.  

Added value

The enhanced eCommerce system significantly increased the speed and quality of its users’ work. The customer’s clients can now more quickly receive and manage offers from suppliers and perform orders.  

Furthermore, the operating speed of the implemented solution is stable and no longer depends on the amount of data sent. The appropriate user interface and the new design have eliminated information overload and ensured clearer and more user-friendly system usage.  

Finally, a new message-sending function allowed messages to be forwarded to targeted persons. Preparations were also made for integrating the program with third parties.  


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