[Webinar] Legacy applications: ensure cloud migration success

2022 05 10 · 2 min read

Reduced IT costs and improved performance – results that every business wants to achieve. We noticed that the migration of legacy applications had become a relevant topic for many companies. 

All organisation departments can benefit from this digital transformation to the cloud. Executives will be interested in optimised costs and scalability opportunities. The IT team will be thrilled to have an extra failure barrier because of backup, and recovery functions, as well, as the clients’ demand for supreme security standards will be pleased.  

Mitigate your risks with the help of professional tools 

Digitalisation projects bring great results, but they bring some challenges as well. Depending on the size and complexity of the organisation’s migration process, you can face such issues like: 

  • Loss of data during migration; 
  • Semantics risks, where there are differences in data measurement units between legacy and new systems; 
  • Corruption when data integrity is eroded because of format or content differences between legacy and new systems; 
  • Interference, when legacy data is changed or updated as it’s being migrated. 

However, you always can mitigate the challenges by using the right migration tools and knowing the best practices. And this is where Baltic Amadeus, together with Microsoft, stands here for you. On May 19th at 1 PM (CEST) / 2 PM (EEST), we are organising a free webinar to share the successful practices of migrating legacy applications to the cloud

Experience leads to speed and efficiency

We are happy to introduce our guest speaker from Microsoft – Nayda Aneva, a Solution Assessment Specialist in Baltics, CEE Multi-country at Microsoft. Her exceptional experience covers +30 markets consulting clients with practical solutions and data-based recommendations for their business digitalisation.  

Together with Nadya, the joint team of Baltic Amadeus will share their experience and hands-on recommendations.  

Mindaugas Kvederas – the Head of .NET at Baltic Amadeus. He is a master of modern web applications development, project management, solution architecture, and design. His work field covers the private sector and governmental institutions located not only in Lithuania but in countries like Rwanda, Guatemala, Liberia, Saint Kitts, and Nevis.  

Robertas Skardžius – who is Cloud Service Development Manager and takes the leading role in Baltic Amadeus while talking about cloud systems. One of his superpowers is building up and maintaining the competence around Microsoft & Amazon Web Services (AWS) technologies.  

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Improve your professional knowledge for free 

This session will be useful for CIO, CTO, or anyone interested in modernising their current IT systems. We will present proven practices and real cases on successful legacy applications migration to the cloud. 

Book your calendar on May 19th at 1 PM (CEST) / 2 PM (EEST) if you want to hear about: 

  • Real business cases of cloud migration; 
  • Inside challenges and how to deal with them; 
  • Developers’ insights about the cloud system; 
  • Migration process framework. 

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