Baltic Amadeus becomes AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner

2024 05 28 · 3 min read

The new partnership level with Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a great achievement and recognition of the entire Baltic Amadeus team. AWS, one of the world’s largest providers of cloud services and infrastructure, has given our company the status of an Advanced Tier Services Partner.  

The Advanced Tier is one of the highest levels of partnership that AWS only grants to companies that demonstrate exceptional excellence and performance in IT and digitalisation solutions. This status means that Baltic Amadeus meets the manufacturer’s strict requirements regarding the technical and business expertise of the available professionals, the volume of completed projects and the best customer feedback.  

What does the Advanced Tier Services Partnership mean? 

The AWS partnership programme has three tiers: Select, Advanced and Premier. Our team has reached the Advanced tier that provides more customer service options. AWS offers services from more than 200 data centres worldwide. The ecosystem is used by millions of customers, from the games industry and life sciences start-ups to energy companies and government agencies.  

Cloud services help customers reduce costs, increase flexibility and IT infrastructure security, and innovate faster. The system encourages and supports innovation and is appreciated by global AWS customers such as the Coca-Cola Company, Netflix, BMW Group and many more.  

This is why the achieved Advanced Tier Partnership is so important to us and the region as a whole, where we provide access to a secure, flexible and functional infrastructure that meets the requirements of the military, banks and other highly sensitive data security organisations. 

Not surprisingly, the AWS Cloud security toolkit includes more than 300 security, compliance and governance services and features, as well as support for 143 security standards and compliance certifications. The global company has been providing cloud services for more than 17 years.  

How did our customers contribute to this partnership? 

AWS cloud

Our team actively deploys AWS Cloud projects for customers in the Baltic States and Northern Europe. The status of an Advanced Tier Services Partner represents the recognition of long-term and sustainable cooperation with our customers and AWS partners – this level can only be achieved by partners with at least 20 deployed projects, a wide range of competencies and a strong team of experts, who are able to collaborate seamlessly with AWS engineers. 

A strong relationship with AWS technical teams in the Baltics and Scandinavia allows us to develop and deliver innovative solutions to our customers rapidly.  

Most of the projects we have completed for our customers are related to these services: 

  • Analyses and advice on how to use AWS Cloud resources; 
  • Projects to migrate IT resources to AWS Cloud; 
  • AWS Cloud optimisation and implementation of DevOps practices; 
  • Maintenance of infrastructure and applications in the cloud. 

What benefits does it bring to customers? 

The new AWS standard means we can fulfil our customers’ needs for AWS Cloud services. We analyse each customer’s situation in detail to model the best individual scenario based on the manufacturer’s best practices. We want to help the customer achieve the optimal result in every project.  

We save time because our years of experience allow us to identify and assess our customers’ initial needs quickly. These needs translate into tasks, for example, if: 

  • You want to have backup resources in your AWS data centre;
  • You want to move (Lift&Shift) a project to the AWS Cloud;
  • There is a need to refactor the application;
  • You are considering replacing your existing software solution with a new one based on AWS Tools;
  • And more.

Customers especially value the ability of Baltic Amadeus, with its high status, to help: 

  • Receive AWS funding for pilot projects (PoCs), with part of the funding covered by the AWS manufacturer;
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to buy AWS resources through Baltic Amadeus – no need to use a corporate credit card;
  • Form a large team of in-house experts for projects of all sizes;
  • Use AWS manufacturer’s technical experts to plan and implement special projects.

One of the most common customer needs is for Baltic Amadeus to help upload and securely store data backups in the cloud with AWS solutions. We often design and run a backup IT resource solution that can be activated quickly in the event of a sudden failure of the main data centre (disaster recovery).  

What is most important today?  

Today, organisations are more careful than ever before. Better safe than sorry, they know. The higher geopolitical uncertainty and various cyber incidents indicate increasing risks. As a result, the protection of IT resources and data is a major concern for companies and institutions, leading to higher investment levels. AWS solutions significantly contribute to improving the resilience of companies and even countries.  

Innovative companies have made it a habit to re-evaluate the IT solutions and systems they use constantly. Baltic Amadeus’ professional advice helps assess the options and solutions available and even receive funding for pilot projects. 

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