[Webinar] Insights and recommendations on building scalable web applications

2022 04 20 · 1 min read

If you plan to build or modernise an existing web application, scalability should come as your priority. Why? It is necessary when delivering proper CX, taking advantage of seasonal peaks, unleashing the potential for growth, higher ROI, and way more. 

A lack of attention to scalability in the application creation process can result in financial losses with technical failures and missed business opportunities. So, why not ensure your web application’s success from the beginning? We invite you to join a free webinar dedicated to building scalable web applications. 

Our keynote speaker — Mindaugas Kvederas, who has 15+ years of experience in web application development, will talk about what is scalability, how to build scalable web applications, and how to choose the proper methods to do that.   

Register for the free webinar and book your time on April 28th, 2022, 11 AM (CET) / 12 PM (EEST). 

This webinar is relevant for you if: 

  • Scalability architecture sounds intriguing to you;
  • You are in the process of choosing a software architecture pattern for scalability building;  
  • You are interested in real examples, not only theory;
  • You want to know how to enhance your web app scalability. 

The session will be useful for CIOs, CTOs, and other specialists interested in creating or transforming highly scalable applications. The discussion includes acquaintance with Baltic Amadeus experts, presentation of proven practices, and key tips & tricks on building a scalable web app with Azure services. The webinar will be closed by discussing questions from the audience.  

Register for the webinar with a few clicks. 

Grow your competencies together with industry experts 

The keynote speaker of the webinar Mindaugas Kvederas is the Head of .NET at Baltic Amadeus. He is going to share his professional experience which is based on modern web applications development, solution architecture, and design. His work field covers the private sector and governmental institutions located not only in Lithuania but in some abroad countries like Rwanda, Guatemala, Liberia, Saint Kitts, and Nevis. 

The host of the session is already known to our regular audience – Robertas Skardžius. He is Cloud Service Development Manager at Baltic Amadeus. Robertas is a Cloud Computing evangelist with long expertise working in various IT projects and initiatives in multi countries. One of his superpowers is building up and maintaining the competence around Microsoft & Amazon Web Services (AWS) technologies. Currently, he is on a mission to help organizations assess existing software solutions and prepare for Application modernization & innovation.    

Do not miss the opportunity and learn how to scale up your app in the most modern way! 

Book your calendar for April 28th, 2022, 11 AM (CET) / 12 PM (EEST). 

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