Lithuanian company develops advanced IT system for the shipping sector

2014 05 27 · 3 min read

UAB Baltic Amadeus is expanding its service exports to the Scandinavian region. A three-year agreement of co-operation and information technology (IT) services has been signed with Shippersys AB. This company is a joint venture between the respected and well known shipping companies Wilh. Wilhelmsen ASA (WWASA), and Wallenius Marine AB, and a meteorological services company StormGeo AS. The two shipping companies control a combined fleet of 145 Roll-on/Roll-off vessels and have more than 150 years of ship operation experience. StormGeo is a leading provider of decision support for weather sensitive operations with a leading global position in shipping, offshore oil&gas and offshore wind energy. The company is also rapidly expanding in aviation services and solution for onshore operations.

The main object of the agreement includes the creation of a unique IT system for ship operation performance monitoring and analysis. The new system will help unify all the data being sent from sea to land, will ease the consolidation, will modernize and ease the report provision and facilitate very advanced performance analysis. Due to this unique solution, it is estimated that up to 5% of the total fuel consumption can be saved on each vessel the system is installed. A typical Ro-Ro vessel have a daily fuel cost of roughly 50.000 USD. The significant fuel savings will also imply reduced emission to the air and thus have a positive environmental impact.

According to the Baltic Amadeus CEO Andžej Šuškevič, the successful implementation of the project opens up enormous opportunities not only to the client, but also to Baltic Amadeus. “This agreement is a huge challenge” – he said. Wilhelmsen and Wallenius together control 145 Ro-Ro type vessels, which make up around 25% of the total world fleet of these vessels. Some of them are the largest Ro-Ro ships in the world, which each can accommodate over 8,000 vehicles.

“The client wanted a reliable and easily controllable tool that is tailored not only to the needs of their own fleet of RoRo vessels , but also easily customizable to fit the needs of other shipping industry companies. We suggested a modular solution based on the latest .NET technologies and the first modules will be installed this October. The first one is vessel module, which is user-friendly, is able to structure a variety of data, will function even with bad communication connection and will be within three years installed on around 500 ships. The second one, shore module, will be integrated with the database of the vessel, which will ensure that by using the on-board data, route planning and suitable weather factors, it will be possible to rationally optimize the movement of ships and logistical processes. It is a great achievement for us to have the possibility to share our knowledge, competency and good practice not only with the Scandinavian market, but also with the entire world through our client” – shared the CEO of Baltic Amadeus.

“We are really happy with the cooperation we have developed with UAB Baltic Amadeus. We strongly appreciate the Baltic Amadeus knowledge, experience and competency. UAB Baltic Amadeus also have good values and an open and friendly culture that makes cooperation across country boundaries easy. Our development partner in Vilnius creates tremendous value by helping us develop the world’s most advanced ship performance and monitoring system. The system will make our worldwide shipping services more cost-effective and eco-friendly, and improve the quality and speed of the services. Thanks to the system being developed, services will become much easier to manage, while the data sent from the ships will be easier to structure and aggregate” – said the CEO of Shippersys AB Vidar Hole .