Dive deep into modern data analytics, its principles, and tools

2022 05 25 · 1 min read

We live in a data-driven world, where effective data analytics can bring business decision-making opportunities and help comprehend the potential struggles.

In the case of analysing massive data assets, it is necessary to choose proper tools, helping to reach all the possible business benefits. For this reason, we organised the hands-on webinar session, presenting the principles and tools of modern data analytics.

Feel free to watch the webinar’s recording and get answers to questions like:  

  • How to simplify the data management process? 
  • How to start using powerful self-service reporting? 
  • How to reduce solution maintenance costs? 
  • How to lay the foundation for more advanced analytics (ML&AI)? 


  • 0:00 sec – Intro 
  • 5:54 sec – What is data analytics?
  • 16:17 sec – Customer case study
  • 42:48 sec – Special offer
  • 44:08 sec – Q&A


Modern data analytics using Azure services

Webinar’s material: 

Feel free to access the full presentation HERE.

Tautvydas Perminas explained the topic. Tautvydas is an IT expert holding 15+ years of Business Intelligence (BI) experience. With proven experience within IT, Tautvydas is also Microsoft and Talend Data Integration Certified, additionally having Amazon Web Services (AWS) CSA.

The webinar moderator Robertas is a Cloud Computing evangelist with 15+ years of experience working on various IT projects in multi countries. One of his superpowers is building up and maintaining the competence around Microsoft & Amazon Web Services (AWS) technologies. Currently, he is on a mission to help organizations assess existing software solutions and prepare for Application modernization & innovation.

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