Baltic Amadeus team wins the Hack4Linava hackathon

2022 05 31 · 2 min read

Incredibly, in-person hackathons are finally back. And we could not be happier to participate in one recently.  

On May 27-29, our team took part in the Hack4Linava hackathon. The event gathered entrepreneurs to gain new ideas, improving Lithuanian carriers’ competitiveness and thus encouraging innovations in the European and global transport sector. 

For the three-day hackathon, which can only be described as thrilling, our team introduced a new marketplace platform for carriers and drivers – HummingBird, snatching 1st place and winning a €3000 prize in the hackathon.

Learn more the highlights of the HummingBird’s success in this blog post. 


Five areas of challenges 

All hackathon’s activities – workshops, idea generation sessions and discussions were dedicated to finding solutions to logistics challenges in the Eastern European countries and establishing themselves in new markets.  

The main challenges were divided into five core areas:  

  1. Improving driver competence to prevent and reduce losses for businesses;  
  2. Digitisation of travel authorisations;  
  3. Reorientation of business in the light of the geopolitical situation;  
  4. Popularising the driving profession;  
  5. Optimising logistics processes. 

Say hello to the HummingBird 

Andrius, Gintė, Audrius, Justas and Aidas chose to work with the challenge of popularising the driving profession. Even though the challenge was clear, identifying the exact problem was the biggest team task.   

“Only by identifying the problem can we create the most tailored solution, which is why we spent a large part of our time on a qualitative search for the problem during the hackathon,” says Audrius, one of the Baltic Amadeus team members. 

In a three-day period, our team created an marketplace platform – HummingBird, that enables a flexible work and leisure environment for carriers and drivers

Audrius also comments: “the platform connects carriers who already have loads and drivers who choose when and how much they want to work – whether it’s driving a truck on the way to the Oktoberfest in Munich or ensuring the continuous transport of goods from one country to another.”  

Huge congratulations to our winners – Andrius, Gintė, Audrius, Justas, and Aidas. We are excited to see the MVP of HummingBird! 

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