BA IT Challenge – straight away to the exciting IT career

2022 06 22 · 2 min read

Are you a student who has started considering your working career? Or maybe you just want to change your professional direction?

Then you probably already had similar thoughts that came to your mind: 

  • How to gain work experience?
  • How to choose a promising field and company?  
  • How to integrate smoothly into a professional team?  

We can help answer these questions! BA IT Challenge is an internship program engaging new IT professionals in the fast-developing IT market. It is a paid, two-month program we are running for the 9th time. After the last year’s program, fifteen participants joined the Baltic Amadeus team. 

In this blog post, we share the experience of the current BA IT Challenge program, which focuses on Progress technology. Learn more about the program by reading the highlights and insights from the Progress program participant Mintautas as well as his mentor Mindaugas, a Technical Lead in the Progress team at Baltic Amadeus. 

Program for everyone interested in starting their IT career

It is open to all interested students regardless of school or course and for those looking to retrain. The most important thing is the willingness to learn and motivation. The internship goal is not to knock off the hard work of seniors. Instead, the program aims to prepare professionals in the most needed and promising IT areas. 

This year – a special attention to the Progress OpenEdge 

Currently, the Baltic Amadeus is running a Progress OpenEdge traineeship to attract and grow future Progress Technology whizzes. 

One of the program’s mentors, Progress Technical Lead Mindaugas Gaurys says: “It is practically impossible to find a Progress developer on the market for our case. That is why we chose to train and raise Progress developers ourselves.” 

What do program participants do?  

We also interviewed one of the current interns to reveal his daily routine at work and actual experience. Mintautas Einingis is currently studying as a third-year Information Systems student at Vilnius Tech and participating in BA IT Challenge.   

Mintautas practices in the Progress division and says he mostly has to work with the Progress package. So, he, with fellow interns, every day gets some new and practical information, which they later apply to the given tasks. At the end of the program, they will have the opportunity to carry out an independent, hands-on project.  

During the internship, one of the most vital goals is not to be shy about asking questions and communicating with colleagues. According to Mintautas: “the significant advantage of the training is contact with experienced programmers and the opportunity to discuss unclear issues you cannot face at the university.”   

The golden rule – no question is wrong. Therefore, progress Technical Team Lead Mindaugas confessed that some of the questions and insights of his younger colleagues made his head burn to get the answers. Even though he is already well experienced in the field.  

Everybody gets inspired 

Working in a new team always brings challenges. However, Mintautas confirms that he quickly got involved with skilled programmers and other trainees on the team. As well as, Mindaugas states mentoring has also brought him new experiences and knowledge, so both sides gains.   

Mintautas shares some tips for newly joined trainees:  

  • Use your time-wise: learn where to search for information rather than memorise everything;  
  • Collaboration is vital: there are no impossible tasks when working in a team. 

Future BA IT Challengers, stay tuned for the upcoming programs! If you are interested in starting your career in IT, check our open positions now.