Application & Database Modernisation Assessment: limited offer

Baltic Amadeus, in partnership with Microsoft, offers a free Application & Database Modernisation Assessment for organisations that seek to identify and prioritise in-house developed applications or databases for cloud modernisation.  

Now, you have a great to get a free Application & Database Modernisation Assessment just by filling out our contact form below.

Business outcomes we deliver: 

  • Implemented individual migration process based on 6R’s model (Re-host, Re-platform, Re-factor, Re-purchase, Retire, Retain); 
  • Prioritisation plan for migration & modernisation based on readiness, cost, and labour; 
  • Improved total cost of ownership using cloud licensing opportunities; 
  • Better understanding of the technical aspects and dependencies; 
  • Streamlined contracting processes through consolidating multiple licenses; 
  • Simplified experience and optimal use of procurement contracts. 


Why choose Baltic Amadeus?

  • Proven competencies. 6+ years of building and modernising digital applications with Microsoft technologies; 
  • Industry expertise. 30+ years of working in logistics, fintech, eCommerce and telecommunications across Europe and the U.S.; 
  • Fast and effective delivery. Our certified and experienced team can implement the assessment within 4 weeks. 

Full details of the assessment: 

  • Requirements: Applications built in-house with .NET, PHP, Java or Python   
  • Tools: CAST Highlight & CloudPilot   
  • Timeline: 1-2 weeks   
  • Insights Scope: Azure App Service Costing, Azure Container (AKS) Costing, Virtual Machine Costing, Database Migration options, Effort estimation, Code adjustment recommendations. 
  • Customer profile
    Wants to modernise their applications and databases;
    Has ISV with a legacy app; 
    Focuses on application modernisation after Infra and Data Migration Assessment. 

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