What IT tools can help you work from home more efficiently?

2020 03 20 · 1 min read

More than 200 Baltic Amadeus employees have been working remotely for a week. This week’s performance indicators are no different from the work week in normal circumstances, and we want to share some tools that help ensure that all work organization processes run perfectly:

Virtual communication. For daily communication within the organization and team-to-team communication, we recommend using the instant messaging platform Slack. We also use a closed group for employees on Facebook. All employees must follow the same rules, which allows you not to get lost in the abundance of daily messages and understand where to look for information.

Virtual meetings and video conferencing. Microsoft Teams is by far the most convenient platform for this. Depending on customer infrastructure, this tool can also be used for communication with customers, partners.
We use Atlassian products to distribute work and manage tasks. The main ones are Jira and Confluence. The first is for task management and performance monitoring, the second is for the exchange of information, for sharing knowledge and development.

Of course, email and phone are also the tools we communicate with the world, but it is now worth giving a special priority to those tools that allow us to see each other.

IT solutions can facilitate not only communication, but also ensure more efficient project management. We use more than thirty different platforms, cloud services, code stores every day – Git, TFS, Azure, BitBucket, Sonar, Postman, WinScp, SQL, PuTTY Configuration, and so on. Each tool used is in its own way important, but not least in this remote working period there are also very clear processes and responsibilities. Knowing what you’re doing, what your contribution is and all the tools you need make you want to achieve the results you want, under any conditions.