Vilnius MSC „Baltic Amadeus“ celebrates victory 12th time in a row

2018 05 09

Lithuanian water polo championship took place in Alytus last weekend, Vilnius MSC „Baltic Amadeus“ has defended champion‘s title once again, for the 12th time in a row.

Vilnius MSC „Baltic Amadeus“ became the leaders of the tournament from the first day, however Sunday final was a hard battle against Elektrėnai VK „Žaibas“. Vilnius MSC „Baltic Amadeus“ celebrated victory witt a result 17:11. The road to victory was complicated because Vilnius team had to play without a gatekeeper.

his season was very challenging for MSC Vilnius „Baltic Amadeus“: team does not a have an appropriate pool, it also lacks of players, injuries and illnesses followed the players however team found strength to mobilize itself and played its best game.