SOS Children’s Villages were given a new web portal by an IT company

2014 09 09 · 2 min read

SOS Children’s Villages greeted the fall with an invitation to donate for education and development of children in foster care. They received a unique valuable gift from the information technology company ‘Baltic Amadeus’ – a new web site

‘The new website we received has an attractive design, is easy to understand for a user and has a mobile version. The developers of the company did their best so that companies and individuals that wish to support the children could do it quickly and conveniently by using the easy to understand donation link system‘, – said the National Director of SOS Children Villages in Lithuania Audrius Natkevičius.

The donated SOS Children’s Villages new site is a collective project conceptually visualized and realized within ‘Baltic Amadeus’. It is aimed at one of the most vulnerable parts of our society: children without parental care and children in families of social risk. The company voluntarily took up this project assuming social responsibility for the education of youth by investing in helping children now while it is still possible to help them grow up to be fully fledged members of the society.

‘Since its inception, our company is interested in public education and progress. In order to not only be a sponsor, but also to educate and inspire the ones around us to do good deeds, we initiated the SOS Children’s Villages web portal development project, which allows any willing person to contribute towards the brighter future of not only the children living in the SOS Children’s Villages, but also of the whole of Lithuania’, – says ‘Baltic Amadeus’ CEO Andžej Šuškevič.

The company’s marketing director Darius Dužinskas states that ideas for the new site were also provided by the SOS Children’s Village foster children. ‘During the portal development process I had the opportunity to visit the SOS Children’s Village several times and to interact with the children living there. I was extremely pleased with the children’s interest in the latest technologies, knowledge and even the constructive requirements of how their virtual ‘home’ should look like. Their genuine enthusiasm and curiosity has been our inspiration for this project’, – said D. Dužinskas.

The SOS Children’s Village website updated by ‘Baltic Amadeus’ is built using the latest version of ‘Drupal’ content management system, which allows for a flexible and easy way of managing the website content. The main advantages of the new site are security, reliability and performance. The value of this website development project is over 70 thousand litas.
The design of the website uses visual solutions that positively affect the visitor’s emotions and convey the SOS Children’s Village core values. Donation forms are clearly presented and are easy to use while the necessary steps up to the approval of a donation are reduced to as few as possible.

The donation forms allow to easily choose from the suggested donation amounts or to specify an amount desired by the user. The site includes links to how easy it is to become a sponsor of the SOS Children’s Villages and also provides alternative methods of support. The website design adapts to the user’s browser so the content is conveniently displayed on either a computer, a tablet or a smartphone screen.

Corporate support for children fostered by SOS Children’s Villages is becoming more and more important. Last year, 100 companies contributed towards the education and development of children. The children fostered by the organization received 132 thousand litas of donations. Out of these, 50% was used for the SOS Children’s Village children’s special education – work with psychologists, teachers, speech therapists. One-third of the funds was used for extracurricular activities of children – various clubs and physical education training. The rest of the money – 17% – was spent on school necessities.