2016 05 27

On May 26, the winners of the mobile content competition “Naujasis Knygnešys 2016” were announced. Seven winners were nominated from 25 innovative solutions presented in six different competition categories. Baltic Amadeus and its collaborators DNB Bank and public institution the National Blood Centre created the mobile application “My Blood”, which was awarded a special prize for the most successful Lithuanian mobile content solution of 2016.

In the competition, organised for the 11th time by the Information Society Development Committee under the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Communications Regulatory Authority, the mobile solution created by Baltic Amadeus competed in the category of health and well-being.

“We are happy that the mobile application presented to the public only a few months ago received so much interest and positive reception not only from its users – blood donors – but also from professional creators of mobile applications,” said marketing manager Darius Dužinskas. “This award is proof that our activities and the goal of creating a community to spread the idea of becoming a voluntary unpaid blood donor in a faster, simpler and more innovative way was the right approach.”

In a short space of time, close to 4000 users downloaded the “My Blood” application – adapted for the Android and iOS operating systems – and more than 7000 users have viewed it. Using the programme, donors can watch the path of donated blood with the smart tool, as well as track their own donation history, register for donations at the time they want, find the most convenient place to give blood, participate in the loyalty programme, and share their achievements on social networks, among other activities.

The World Health Organization has enabled all countries to move to 100% voluntary unpaid blood donations, and the “My Blood” mobile application is a big step towards achieving this goal.