How to improve your customer experience using Azure App service?

2022 03 22 · 2 min read

Business is powered by applications. It becomes more essential to state the importance of applications and customer experience (CX). 

Most of the companies run many different applications to reach ultimate success. It includes internal business and external-facing applications for customers or partners, such as the company website, customer self-service portal, e-commerce sites, or mobile apps. 

And then, there is data. Every user interaction with any application is possible with data. Nowadays, companies collect, consume, and generate a massive amount of data. With time, it raises a challenge: how to turn this data into actionable insights and intelligence to provide a superior customer experience? 

In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of customer experience in nowadays business and how cloud services, such as Azure, can help to enhance it significantly. 

Customer experience is more essential than ever 

There is no better way to highlight the importance of customer experience than with a quote of Forrester saying: “More than any other factor, customer experiences determine whether companies thrive and profit, or struggle and fade.” 

Customers take the role of the new market-makers in today’s digital economy. Moreover, customers’ behavior reshapes industries and changes how businesses compete or win.  

With evolving needs, end-users have higher expectations for their experience within the app. Here are some data-based facts: 

Therefore, ensuring the finest customer experience should be a target for everyone who relates their business success with web app performance. 

How customer experience unleashes business growth opportunities? 

Digital engagement has evolved significantly beyond static website content. Now, companies have the opportunity to deliver richer interactivity and functionality. It includes: 

  • Fast, fluid, and reliable experience;
  • Quick functionality and content updates;
  • Cross-platform engagement;
  • Intelligent customization;
  • Authentication and identity, sensitive data handling;
  • New ways to interact with customers.  

And it is not any different for modern web applications.   

Websites have evolved a lot during the last several years. We can definitely say that websites are no longer just a public repository of static content that companies can update occasionally. Now, websites play a crucial role as live entities with constant changes. Well-shaped websites deliver digital campaigns and deeper engagement with customers for companies worldwide.   

It means the development of such web applications has to be way more agile. It is not only about making quick updates adjusting to business needs but also providing a consistent experience across different platforms.  

Every business has its website. However, not all websites offer a differentiated experience to their customers to remain competitive

There are multiple ways to deliver that high-quality customer experience. Incorporating AI capabilities to provide a more personalized experience or conversational bots for a faster, more natural interaction with end-users are just a few of them. Now, implementing such features is easier than ever, thanks to the cloud services in Azure

Solid customer experience – more effectively with cloud services 

Taking care of all needed elements to provide that superior customer experience can be a lot. Especially when companies try to ensure high availability, scaling, security management, or constant updates manually. It requires enormous resources, including time, money, operations, and others. Moreover, not all companies have such availability to do everything manually.  

Fortunately, most of the mentioned challenges can be tackled by using fully managed services in Azure. It opens new opportunities for small teams to provide a high-quality experience without expensive investments. 

Cloud services, such as Azure, can provide multiple benefits to your business. Here are a few of them:

  • Fast, fluid, and reliable experience.
  • Quick functionality and content updates.
  • Ensure your web app’s service quality. Let your services be always available and automate scaling handle traffic peaks by taking advantage of guaranteed SLAs
  • Be more agile and productive in project development. Automate deployments to market faster, use integrated development, and monitoring tools to tackle issues more effectively.  
  • Integrate with different services and application components easier. Use pre-built components and connectors between other building blocks or services, both in the cloud and on-premises, for hybrid solutions.  
  • Handle security and privacy without specific investments in these areas. Forget about updates, patching, end of support, or significant breaking changes by staying automatically up to date and benefiting from the numerous privacy, compliance, and security certifications that Azure provides the platform. 

Make it right with Azure App service 

Azure is a cloud platform offering more than 200 products and cloud services designed to help you bring new solutions to life. Using Azure App service, users will immediately enjoy the benefits of a fully managed platform with a service specifically designed for web applications. 

A few advantages are presented below: 

High-productivity for DevOps 

Full integration with Visual Studio and DevOps tools 

  • Staging and deployment slots; 
  • Testing in production; 
  • App monitoring and diagnostics; 
  • Built-in CI/CD. 

Fully-managed platform 

Only fully managed service for any .NET application 

  • Auto scale and load balancing; 
  • High availability with auto patching; 
  • Reduced operations costs; 
  • Backup and recovery. 

Enterprise-grade capabilities 

Unified security and identity with support for hybrid workloads 

  • Global reach and local presence; 
  • Hybrid support; 
  • Azure Active Directory integration; 
  • Security and compliance certifications.

Using Azure App service you can gain advantages on your application development initiatives. Stay tuned for the upcoming blog post where we will disclose practical details on starting your web apps migration journey to Azure. 

If you plan to move your digital solutions to the cloud but are unsure how or where to start, the Baltic Amadeus team is ready to help you out. 

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