How to empower your organisation’s data?

2022 04 29 · 2 min read

We entered the era of the information economy, where data has become the most critical asset of every organisation. An effective data governance strategy can provide multiple essential benefits to businesses, so why not dive into it?

We decided to discuss it broader while covering data governance fundamentals in our free webinar held at the end of April. Our Vitalis Kavaliauskas discussed the challenges faced by organisations in their endless digital transformation journey. Vitalis talked about the main three challenges every business needs to solve:

  • First, the data must be timely because, nowadays, business is all about speed;
  • While speed is critical, it is not enough – organisations need data they can trust. Trusting your data is about remaining on the right side of regulation and customer confidence. Unfortunately, speed and trust are often at odds. So, it is difficult to focus on both;
  • On top of these two challenges, we have huge volumes of data coming from everywhere. It is very easy to lose control in this situation;

If your business faces these challenges, we suggest you watch our webinar on data governance. 

Watch our webinar and get answers on:

  • What is data governance, and why do you need it?
  • How to pick the best data governance model for you?
  • What are the challenges you may face?
  • What are the required capabilities for data governance performance?


  • 0:00 sec – Intro
  • 2:35 sec – Why do we need data governance?
  • 6:40 sec – How to choose the best data governance model?
  • 13:50 sec – Data governance implementation: challenges and required capabilities
  • 37:18 sec – Key takeaway

Explore webinar’s material:

Feel free to access the presentation slides online.

The webinar was presented by the keynote speaker Vitalis Kavaliauskas, CTO of Baltic Amadeus. Vitalis is a tech professional having 15+ years of experience in business and IT. Vitalis uses his expertise in applying technology to bring new products to life and boost existing tech solutions. Now, Vitalis is taking a co-founder’s position at a growing fintech startup — FinCell.

The webinar was moderated by Šarūnė Rimdeikytė. Šarūnė’s expertise includes working in e-commerce, education, marketing, aviation, IT, and other industries. Now, working in Sales, Šarūnė uses all her communication and problem-solving powers to foster liaisons between companies and their customers. She is also multilingual, mastering Italian, Spanish, English, and Lithuanian languages.

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