Cycling for Ukraine: Robertas takes a 1200 km ride from Vilnius to Berlin

2022 04 30 · 2 min read

More and more people unite to support Ukraine in various ways. One of them is our colleague Robertas who is now cycling from Vilnius to Berlin, raising money funds for Ukraine from April 29th to May 4th.  

Along with the Lithuanian cyclist community, Robertas wants to carry the message, encouraging an immediate oil embargo.  

The main goal of this ride is to raise the amount of 1.200 Euros, which later will be donated to the non-government organisation Blue / Yellow, which has been supporting Ukraine’s armed resistance since 2014. As all Baltic Amadeus team supports Robertas, we invite you to spread the word about the initiative or donate directly

Kruklanki, Poland

1200 kilometres ride from Vilnius to Berlin 

The ride generally illustrates the Lithuanian cyclist community’s determination to fully support Ukraine by travelling by bicycle.  

“Today, the question of the oil and gas import reduction from Russia is more important than ever before. What could be a better way to share that message than going on bicycles,” says Robertas. 

So far, the farthest point Robertas got his bicycle was in Thessaloniki, Greece. He successfully finished a 2400-kilometre route from Lithuania to Greece in 16 days. 

Additionally, he notes: “I assumed that going further along the coast on EuroVelo 11 route should be interesting. Logistics wise, the distance to Berlin from Vilnius suited us very well. We plan to cycle 200 km a day for a whole week, going 4 full days in Poland until we reach Germany, and finally, Berlin.” 

At this moment, Robertas has already reached Poland! 

What is the Lithuanian cyclist community? 

“This is a long-term tradition of our cyclist amateurs’ team. Every year around the Easter period, we gather at some point to spend a week or two cycling around countries, meeting people,” shares Robertas.  

So far, they have cycled in the UK, Southern Italy, Hungary, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Finland, France, etc.  

Learn more about the current initiative here