2016 04 19

Author: Viktorija Bikulčiūtė

Have you ever asked yourself what can you do for the world you live in? How can you change it for good? Once a wise man said that big journey begins with one small step. That one step can be made in thousand different ways. When business meets technologies and when this cooperation is made to reach for the same goals – things begin to happen.

Few years ago, with partners from Denmark, Baltic Amadeus created an alarm and emergency management IT system for the Norwegian market which is meant to protect the educational establishments in the Akershus County from possible threats.

In case of emergency, each person from an educational establishment will be able to send an alarm signal.When the potential crisis is emerging, specially designed button has to be pressed and the this multilayer alarm system works at its best. Different devices like mobile phones, computers, video cameras, audio recorders becomes one connected and synchronized system. Videos help to monitor the the potential threat and analyze the situation in the building, all the people of an establishment can communicate with each other and with other organizations in the hazardous zone. This complex solution is the example of the integration of different technologies.

Despite the difficult and unique technological solution, the result of this international union of different business companies has the mission to spread the message that successful partnership is not only about fullfilled client‘s expectations, strict deadlines and incomes – today it is all about making the impact and creating value.

Today, when the Alarm project is done, we are questioning the aim of contemporary business, responsability and where is the starting point for changes.

The nowaday business does not depend on country or even continent, client and service provider can be separated by the oceans but global world is all about efficient communication. While borders between countires are fading shouldn‘t we talk about global, worldwide issues that matters for global society.

Looking at the Alarm project in retrospect and thinking about the impact business is able to do for the society and the world we are living in, one point is clear – the business of today must interpret social responsability not only as a tool to build the reputation or create the positive image but, what is the most important, as a result of conscious organization management, aware employees and meaningful partnerships. For example, terrorism, the plague of XXI century, is not somewhere else anymore, it can strike anywhere and nobody is absolutely secure anymore. We have knowledge, technologies, specialists who are able create solutions making a world a better place or at least trying to do this. Alarm project is an example of fruitful colloboration between three different countries, so if it was possible once it becomes a perfect precedent for future socially responsible international co-operations in different business sectors.

Socially responsible business is not a one day project with strict beginning and ending. Continuity is the key to success doing a positive impact on society. The starting point is knowing. Knowing, in general. Firs of all, answering the question how social project can be integrated into the strategy of the company. Knowing that it is a long-term project means having patience and stay concentrated even then monetary or moral return would not reach you the next day. Rome was not build in a day. Changing the world for good is a decision and a hard work on one hand and believing in your dream on the other.

In the end, we can summarize agree that essential element of succesful project, no matter social or not, is open and sincere partnership. Reaching for the big goals is much easier when you play as a team. Making a change is not a solo concert it is a symphony where every single instrument has its own part starting from manegement and ending with technical people. And this is how things happen.