Baltic Amadeus shared their human resources experience

2014 05 30

In May of this year during the fourth annual Association of Human Resources Professionals (PVPA) conferrence the participants of the ‘Best Human Resources Practices’ competition were awarded, which included UAB Baltic Amadeus who introduced the ‘BA Mission Possible – employee engagement improvement’ project. The nature of this PVPA project is to encourage companies to share their experiences and factors that add value to companies, workers and their environment.

UAB Baltic Amadeus was one of the 10 companies that have agreed to share their experience in human resources, boosting employee motivation, engagement, loyalty and work satisfaction in the context of organizational changes. For every person work must not only be the source of livelihood. It should provide satisfaction, should promote the employee to excel along with the entire organization. This is a process which is firstly determined by the matches between the values and the internal culture of the employee and the organization.

These basic elements determined the fact that the UAB Baltic Amadeus decision to increase employee engagement in the company’s activities was based on the purification of the company’s values. The determination of what the company is and what it aspires to be helped to better understand the aspects mostly valued by the employees. Finding common values, understanding them and adhering to them in everyday activities encouraged employee participation and initiative, ongoing involvement in the life of the company, cooperation and the improvement of organizational culture. Following the implementation of the project the company and its staff began to live in the same rhythm.

This PVPA project provided UAB Baltic Amadeus not only with an opportunity to get to know human resources practices, applied methodologies and success stories of other Lithuanian and foreign companies, but also provided the ability to share their own experience of increasing employee loyalty and engagement. During the project, the purified values and promotion of internal culture significantly contributed towards the company’s strategy develepoment and implementation.