Baltic Amadeus becomes the highest-level Microsoft Gold Partner

2022 05 24 · 3 min read

For years Baltic Amadeus has Application integration, Application Development and Data Analytics Gold Partnership status. Recently, we acquired Cloud Platform Gold competency, proving broad capabilities to consult, build, modernise and maintain digital solutions in the public cloud.  

Gold Cloud Platform is one of the highest-level Microsoft competencies around public cloud solutions. With such achievement, Baltic Amadeus becomes a member of 1% of Microsoft Partners worldwide, owning these specific competencies in the mentioned field. Gold Partners receive recognition for their innovative business solutions and ability to empower Microsoft solutions to maximise the benefits for their clients. They are determined to provide the highest level of company customer care.

Read the blog post to learn what is Gold Cloud Platform’s competency and what benefits its owners, and their clients receive. 

What is the Gold Cloud Platform? 

With a Microsoft Cloud Platform competency, you can highlight your organisation’s technical capabilities in deploying, migrating, and maintaining cloud applications and services on Microsoft Azure. In other words, competency proves that you can create and maintain secure, scalable, and reliable cloud solutions

Microsoft calls its certifications competencies, which describe requirements designed to meet customers’ specific needs and be recognisable to prospective ones. An IT solution provider can sign up for a general partnership without specific acknowledgement and later improve competency by switching to Silver or Gold as their achievements evolve. According to Microsoft, these competencies demonstrate: “a specific, proven skill set to customers. And customers can easily identify a company’s capabilities and expertise.”  

IT partner achieves such a competency when they: 

  • deliver cloud applications and services on Microsoft Azure;  
  • meet the competency requirements; 
  • validate required exams and skills each year; 
  • show expertise and proven skillset in a particular technology or service area; 
  • have certain offerings related to innovative business solutions. 

How can customers benefit from this?  

The Gold-certified companies can unleash multiple benefits business-wise and improve their customer experience to the fullest: 

Always up to date  

Microsoft technology is constantly evolving. Along with this, the competency requirements change. It ensures that your Microsoft Partner is always up to date on the latest Microsoft offerings and advancements. 

This should not be underestimated. Think of it this way: If you were looking for a surgeon to operate on you, would you feel comfortable with one who had no ongoing medical training in twenty years? Yes, our organs are arguably still in the same place in our bodies, but our knowledge of how they function and advances in surgical techniques put the surgeon with up-to-date training at a clear advantage. Similarly, Microsoft Partners that are up to date know the product or technology properly and the best ways to apply it to your specific requirements.  

Proven expertise to meet strict standards  

Microsoft certification requires more than basic knowledge since a certain number of people in an organisation need to pass exams. Moreover, the learning program is being updated regularly each year. For example, fifteen individuals need to take the Azure fundamentals exams, and five of them must acquire Associate or Expert level certification. It is an ongoing process. You do not just get certified once and call it done. The company stays Gold certified until the next anniversary date—then it all starts over again.  

It equates to two advantages for customers:  

Be sure that people working on your solution know what they are doing. Microsoft requires many people to get certified to maintain Gold partner status. So, a Gold partner has, by definition, a “deep bench.” You can be confident that qualified people will work with you. Let’s face it: there is turnover in any company, and the best way to skyrocket a project is to lose the only person with the appropriate training in the middle of a project. That will not happen with a Gold Partner.  

Have a direct connection to Microsoft. When you work with a Microsoft Gold Partner, you get the added value of working with consultants who demonstrate the specific skill sets you need. Gold Partners do not need to ask Microsoft for assistance as often, which means your problems get solved faster with this level of in-house expertise. 

Why are cloud solutions essential?  

Evolving consumers’ needs and market expansion encourages companies to employ cloud-native solutions, ensuring high business scalability. The numbers presented below also prove promising cloud computing trends: 

Without a doubt, cloud solutions can truly accelerate your business growth. So, why not try it now? 

Baltic Amadeus can easily help you out. Our team can ensure test drive ideas before committing. By being among Gold Partners, we have massive resources to get licenses for demos and development. It allows us to develop a proof of concept (PoC) without the financial requirement of buying licenses.  

What does it mean to the customer? It lets us test customers’ ideas before asking them to commit, so they benefit from the proposed solution having had a test drive before it goes down the implementation road.  

If you want to get the PoC of your idea, feel free to contact us now

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