2015 07 21

Socially responsible business carried out by every company helps gain them competitive advantage, keep up with the economic success of the business and gain goodwill and highly-valued reputation. Baltic Amadeus is creating the mentioned kind of business: transparent, coherent, based on socially just values and favourable to its employees and the general public.

The company, who won the Employer of Choice award earlier this year, has always positioned itself as a socially responsible company in terms of training and education. It is also proactive in promoting healthy lifestyle. For the past two consecutive years, BA has been making large investments in encouraging its staff to be active in sports and promoting these activities via different programmes, one of which is a sports challenge to the employees of the company, the so called BA Challenge.

“Its story begins with a couple of our sports enthusiasts inviting their colleagues for jogging. The very next day they started sharing common interests, topics of conversations and endless discussions. We learnt that sport not only is an amazing motivational measure, but a means of getting to know each other better as well. We thought we could offer a challenge to our staff to take part in a certain number of public sports events competing with each other and win substantial awards for this. It took only a few months to notice the rewards of the project. All that you give to the surroundings comes back in the form of a happy employee and a loyal client”, – told the Head of Marketing of Baltic Amadeus Darius Dužinskas.

“We are particularly pleased that the ardour and total involvement in the project is not only felt amongst our staff, but also amongst our clients who had travelled even from Northern European countries to cross the start and the finish lines with us! We estimate that taking part in the BA Challenge all of us collectively ran 8,184 kilometres in total in 2014. In other words, we have run a distance stretching to the Black Sea. It is pleasing to see that we grow and share our achievements not only in a professional field, but also in our free time“, – spoke Mr Dužinskas.

A staggering two thirds of the company’s employees are taking part in the 2015 sports competitions. Not only can we be proud of the increasing involvement, but also of the growing consciousness of people who understand and accept the challenge as an adventure as well as an added value being created which undoubtedly unites the staff, strengthens their health, develops their will, and consequently gives benefits if the above rewards are utilised in every work. Partnership, friendly team and responsibility are the values fostered by the company on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, taking part in the Danske Bank Vilnius Marathon this year, BA team will be running to support the Children’s Hospital Support Fund and will donate all of the funds raised for building a play and kinesitherapy room at the children’s neurology department.