Omnichannel platform: build self-service that customers love

Leave a poor customer experience for your competitors. Ensure a flawless customer journey between channels with the Baltic Amadeus digital platform. 

We provide a single digital layer decoupled from the backend systems and a white-label mobile solution, delivering continuous value to end-users across any device. Make your self-service platform stand out. 

Our omnichannel service is perfect for companies that want to: 

  • Differentiate themselves in a competitive market; 
  • Directly engage with their buyer persona; 
  • Enable sales & service first approach; 
  • Ensure ongoing marketing improvements; 
  • Guarantee excellent customer experience even through multiple touchpoints; 
  • Provide practical insights to their team. 

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What should you expect? 

  • One digital platform = multiple channels. Place your platform on channels of your choice: public website, self-service, or mobile application;  
  • Seamless interaction with customers. We offer a fully integrated platform that ensures a smooth and continuous interaction with customers across multiple channels; 0. 
  • Open and proven standards. Our component-based architecture platform provides the flexibility and ensures an easy platform adaptation by you and your partners;  
  • Every touchpoint matters. We carefully analyze your customer’s behaviour and build the end-to-end customer journey, including various touchpoints and preferences on communication, purchasing or usage;  
  • Unique functionalities. Our digital platform allows the out-of-the-box functionalities to be adopted, extended or replaced to fully cater for the customer’s functional and technical requirements. 

Digital platform consists of four core parts:

Why Baltic Amadeus?   

  • No vendor lockins. We provide all the source codes and relevant documentation to you; 
  • Best-suitable cloud infrastructure. We assess and offer cloud-based infrastructure for your solution (Microsoft, AWS, Google); 
  • Technology-based convenience. We use only the most advanced technologies to ensure 24/7 availability and faster response times for your self-service platform; 
  • Expertise. Our qualified experts are ready to build a professional platform’s infrastructure and support its maintenance; 
  • Fast delivery. We can start working on your platform in 2-4 weeks. 

Make your self-service platform work to the fullest. CONTACT US >