AWS cloud services

Create cloud-native apps, modernise existing IT workloads and extend legacy applications to AWS cloud.

Robertas Skardžius
Cloud & Data Business Manager

AWS cloud services

Create cloud-native apps, modernise existing IT workloads and extend legacy applications to AWS cloud.

Robertas Skardžius
Cloud & Data Business Manager
AWS services
Cloud consulting
Cloud migration
Cloud optimisation
Cloud support

AWS cloud service benefits

  • Ensure a streamlined and effortless migration to the AWS public cloud environment;
  • Enhance operational flexibility, achieve superior performance, and optimise cost-efficiency in meeting business demands;
  • Gain a competitive edge in innovating digital services with AWS PaaS capabilities;
  • Leverage AWS security and compliance for comprehensive protection;
  • Advance sustainability goals by reducing carbon footprint through AWS eco-friendly practices.

What you can expect

  • AWS consulting. Consulting that covers analysis, strategy, architecture, evaluation, and migration for a comprehensive solution;
  • AWS migration. Project management and execution for migrating and modernising IT workloads to the AWS cloud;
  • AWS optimisation. Performance, operations, usage and cost optimisation for achieving the highest results and efficiency;
  • AWS support. Proactive management of your AWS infrastructure based on agreed SLA terms and conditions.

Work with top-tier AWS consultants

  • Flexibility. Every client has diverse needs. So, whether you seek a quick consultation or a long-term partnership, we are flexible with our timing and pricing;
  • Personalised support and expertise. Communicate with top-tier consultants and IT experts, who ensure your unique needs are heard and accurately addressed in our work.
  • Extensive and diverse experience. Our certified experts have extensive experience guiding various organisations – from startups to global corporations;
  • Business-savvy IT experts. We consider multiple alternatives for significant IT changes and investments, carefully assess each proposal, and clearly explain complex IT concepts.


AWS Marketplace: FinCell mobile banking application (



What our clients say
at ConnectPay
We are very satisfied with the mobile banking app developed by our technology partner. It has streamlined our processes, leading to a noticeable improvement in our customer experience. Working with their team was a positive experience, and they delivered exceptional results that have positively impacted our business operations.
Zbignev Masovič
Mobile app project manager at KREDA
Having Baltic Amadeus as our technology partner was (and continues to be) a great experience. We appreciate their highly skilled team, who applied careful attention and broad expertise to our needs in developing the KREDA mobile banking app from scratch— working together we achieved our goals.
Mindaugas Vijūnas
CEO and Chairman of the Board at Lithuanian Central Credit Union
We are always looking for new ways to improve customer service standards and to help our clients save their time. These are the reasons why it was decided to collaborate with an IT company, such as Baltic Amadeus. We are extremely happy that this collaboration with the team of professionals has already given efficient results.
Klaudijus  Šulcas
Klaudijus  Šulcas
Project Manager at Clever Transco LLC
We are grateful to Baltic Amadeus for their outstanding skills and seamless communication. They have shown their expertise in finding workarounds for any challenges we faced. The new tool they developed has greatly enhanced our operations and efficiency.

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    Robertas Skardžius
    Cloud & Data Business Manager