Grow your business by accelerating clients’ digital transformation to the Public Cloud

We are a competency centre that offers a full set of cloud services for businesses, buildsmodernizes, and maintains applications in the public cloud. With cutting-edge technologies, the latest delivery models and a 96% recommendation rate among clients, we are a one-stop-shop provider of a full spectrum of IT services.  

According to Gartner, by 2022, up to 60% of organizations will use an external cloud provider service — meaning that in the coming years, existing on-premises applications need to be transformed into cloud-based solutions.   

So, join our Application Modernization Program to modernize the world as well as accelerate the growth of your business. The key objective of the Baltic Amadeus Application Modernization Partner Program is to provide you with access to a range of specialist knowledge, leadership tools, and technical support. Read more and choose the best way to collaborate. 

Application Modernization Partner Program helps you accelerate your clients’ cloud journey with the right combination of good practices, experts, and support in every stage. We are ready to guide your clients wherever they are in their cloud journey and help to move forward with confidence.  

Choose the right partnership model for you








Refer a Cloud customer and get financial benefit.

Easy to start 

Quick onboarding 

Rapid scale


Submit a quote for an offer, get an estimation with a discount. Combine with your services and sell them to customers. 

Pre-sales support
Full margins control


Create customized offers together and sell them to the market jointly. 

Joint Go-To-Market activities
Technical guidance

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Discover a full cycle of cloud services we offer 

Consulting & Advisory Services 

Modernisation & Migration Services 

Optimisation & Automation Services 

Support & Maintenance Services 

Baltic Amadeus experts work with the leading public cloud providers by modernizing IT workloads:  


Cloud modernization & migration services help companies move their applications and databases to the Azure cloud environment. The strategic move lets benefit from increased flexibility, better performance, and cost-effectiveness.  

Common use cases include: 

  • We modernize .NET applications to Azure App Service/Azure Kubernetes and Azure SQL. 
  • Modernize Java apps to Azure Kubernetes Service/App Service/ Java Spring Cloud and Azure Database for MySQL/PostgreSQL. 
  • Deploy Azure Arc to workloads that are sequenced to move later or not ready to move yet. 


We help customers to modernize from monolithic, commercial-grade platforms to cloud-native technology. Also, we help reduce operational overhead without rewriting all code.  

Common use cases include: 

  • For reducing the amount of time spent managing Kubernetes clusters, we help adopt managed Kubernetes services like Amazon EKS. 
  • Management of messaging broker can be replaced with Amazon MQ service without rewriting or paying for third-party software licenses. 
  • When migrating a Windows-based application that requires file storage, Amazon FSx for Windows File Server service can be used.  
  • Modernization from SQL Server on Windows to Aurora, .NET to Serverless, .NET to Containers, and SQL Server on Windows to Linux. 

Why partner with Baltic Amadeus? 

  • New business opportunity. The demand for public cloud services is growing. There is an opportunity to open a new business line. 
  • New projects and customer acquisition. New offerings will expand your potential reach of a new target audience. 
  • Business diversification. You will reduce business dependency from one or two service lines.  
  • Low cost of entry, faster time to market and profit. 

The benefits of partnering  

  • Sales and service onboarding. 
  • Support in pre-sales activities. 
  • Technical guidance in modernizing and migrating applications into the cloud. 
  • White-labelling. 
  • Go-to-market support. 
  • Joint marketing campaigns. 
  • Monthly business reviews and steering sessions 


Contact us to explore and evaluate which kind of partnership is right for your business. CONTACT US >