Website created by Baltic Amadeus invites to visit aviation museum in Norway

2017 05 05

Baltic Amadeus has recently finished another project related with education and learning – created an informational website with integrated flight simulator reservation system for aviation museum in Norway.

This time our client was the union of two organizations – FIRST Scandinavia and Norway Aviation Museum, called Newton Flight Academy. FIRST Scandinavia is non-profit organization that mostly operates in more than 65 cities in the world including countries like USA, UAE, Japan, Russia, Central and Nordic Europe. Its mission – involve children and young adults into scientific activities and inspire them to choose scientific careers. Baltic Amadeus created informational website with integrated reservation system for the newest Newton Flight Academy’s project – aviation museum in the north of Norway where a visitor can experience the feeling of real flight.

In the process of communication with a client, Umbraco open source content management system was chosen as the best choice for building a website, at a time, flight simulators’ reservation system was created using .NET technology. The main goal of website – provide clear, comprehensive, and visually attractive information about activities of the museum and its services. Visitors of the museum, while on website, has an opportunity to book a real flight simulation, choose the most convenient time and pay for service using bank card or online payment platform.

After 10 months from the opening of the museum, website created by Baltic Amadeus, has been visited by more than 4000 unique users. The part of them have used flight simulators reservation system which faced no disruption even having heavy flow of users.