The mobile application developed by Baltic Amadeus will allow to manage all mobile accounts and services on your phone 24/7

2019 10 15 · 1 min read

For many years, Baltic Amadeus has been Bitė’s technological partner in developing innovative and functional solutions. More than 1.2 million business and private clients use the services of mobile communications provider Bitė. Until now, Bitė’s customers have managed their accounts on the self-service websites and, what has made communication between the user and the supplier difficult.
The task of Baltic Amadeus was to create an Android and IOS mobile application which would allow customers to see their balance, various metrics and pay bills.

With the mobile application developed by Baltic Amadeus, users are able to pay all their bills simply on the way to work or during coffee breaks much easier and faster. All the features that were available on the self-service website in Lithuania and Latvia have been transformed into an app with user-friendly and user-centric design.

Baltic Amadeus mobile application enable these functions:
• View recent months’ billings
• Find out the current account amount
• Check the remaining minutes / sms / megabytes
• Pay the bills
• View statistics of recent months
• Order a cost control service
• Block Internet and other services
• Receive special offers
• Chat with Bite consultant
• Pay through Banks and MOQ (Lithuania)
• Use eSIM technology (new in Lithuania and Latvia)

By developing a mobile application and adapting it to iOS and Android platforms, communication between users of telecommunications services and the supplier has been facilitated. Customers were given the opportunity to find out about services, payment plans, their updates and promotions, manage and pay their bills while using the app. The design of the application, in line with the latest design trends, not only performs the aesthetic function, but also enhances the mobile application user experience.

The mobile application will be accessible to everyone without investing much time in learning or exploring features. This solution will allow you to manage your Bite services and accounts easily, quickly and conveniently 24/7. Baltic Amadeus is pleased with the successful collaboration that creates products which help to improve the user experience and implement the latest technological innovations.