Skaistė Krikščiūnaitė to become Baltic Amadeus Head of Marketing

2021 06 10 · 1 min read

Skaistė Krikščiūnaitė has been appointed the new Head of Marketing at the IT company Baltic Amadeus. Ms Krikščiūnaitė joined the strategic change team of the company, which is currently growing and looking for new personnel, in late June.  

“I have joined Baltic Amadeus at a time that is critical for the company, as it is boosting its growth in the Baltic and Nordic regions and rapidly recruiting new specialists, while focusing on research and innovation. The need for growth is driven by external factors, because the potential for deploying digital services and unique solutions is huge at present. I am excited to make my own contribution in introducing and launching Baltic Amadeus’ products on the market,” said Ms Krikščiūnaitė, the new Head of Marketing at Baltic Amadeus. 

Before joining the Baltic Amadeus team, Skaistė Krikščiūnaitė spent nearly a decade working in the fields of communication and digital marketing. Recently, she supervised the marketing functions at Interneto Vizija, a web-hosting company, where she was in charge of updating the trademarks and marketing products designed for foreign markets. As a result, the company placed among the Top 10 websites in terms of visitor flows in Lithuania. Prior to that, Ms Krikščiūnaitė was the Head of Marketing for Build Stuff, the largest software engineering conference in the Baltics, and a Communication Specialist at Nortal.

Darius Dužinskas, the former Head of HR and Marketing in charge of marketing affairs at Baltic Amadeus will now focus on HR management responsibilities: “The company has experienced a growth spurt in recent years; as a result, we are spending an increasing amount of time on developing our employees’ experience. Baltic Amadeus has set its sights on an expansion that goes hand in hand with strong communication. Therefore, we are happy that the new addition to our marketing team, Ms Krikščiūnaitė, is a professional with the experience to allow us to supercharge our communication and marketing efforts.” 

A key task for the revamped Marketing Department is to promote awareness of the company’s name and introduce its services to potential clients. The new Head of Marketing will work with the company’s Sales and Business Development teams, which have both have been given a facelift, to attract new clients and look for sales opportunities on the Lithuanian and export markets, while developing digital marketing, corporate communication, and a social media presence.

In the words of Mr Dužinskas, the company is strongly engaged in its makeover process and is bolstering its strategic change team, with more than 50 new specialists joining the Baltic Amadeus staff since the beginning of this year.