Online business: how to stand out

2020 04 18 · 2 min read

Everyone understands that the world will no longer be the way it was. Technology and the opportunities they offer are already being viewed more favorably even in a part of society that has not been relevant to this until now. This is also understood by businesses that have been actively trying to refocus their activities in the digital space in recent days.
It can be said that the first days of quarantine for many companies were like a cold shower: a drastic decrease in the number of customers, a slump in income and uncertainty about the future.

Today, however, it is already difficult to meet entrepreneurs who have never thought about the possibility of digitizing processes. “Business is going online today. Companies are transforming, business models are changing, and operations are simpler. We offer many different solutions for digitizing your business, but the most relevant now is e-shops. A working prototype can be created daily, but just being online is not enough now. It is important to look for ways to stand out, become the necessary one for a customer, because only this will help not to lose profitability”, says Irmantas Bankauskas, Sales director of Baltic Amadeus.

Communication with customers. According to Irmantas, if, when communicating face-to-face with its customers, the business understands that their service must be given the highest quality bar, this aspect is often forgotten when it comes to online activities. “Although the customer is not physically present, this does not mean that he can be given less attention. At the moment, there is definitely no longer enough for the seller or service provider to write an e-mail. However, instead of communicating with customers with calls or messages, try to communicate via video,” – I. Bankauskas suggests. For example, Baltic Amadeus is currently developing a system that will be available to any business providing consultancy services, both public and private, from doctors to lawyers. Individuals will be given the opportunity to review the employment schedules of the consulting specialists, to register for video consultation and to pay conveniently for the services , if necessary.

Convenience. When planning an e-shop design, focus on convenience. The competition today is huge, and it is only growing, so if you encounter problems, the customer can no longer return to your e-shop. “Clear design, convenient search and quality systems to protect against heavy loads, safety gaps today are already basic hygiene. We suggest you look further: what is convenient for my client? The best result will always be achieved when you receive individual attention and an IT solution that meets your needs. Perhaps it is a customer reservation system, special sales and purchase programs or a convenient tool to manage documents,” says the specialist.

Give more. To become successful, it is always worth taking an additional step forward. Perhaps you can send personalized video messages to your customers with pre-prepared actions? Perhaps your e-shop may contain not only products, but also engaging content that links to them – reviews, uses, comparisons? “When you think about digitizing your business, don’t just think about what is needed for the society that is quarantined today. In the future, the product you create can also be valuable to, for example, parents caring for young children, seniors or others whose movement is restricted. If you want to stand out and make money, take action in the e-space today, but look far-sighted,” says I. Bankauskas.