Baltic Amadeus becomes Microsoft Solutions Partner for Data & AI

2024 02 28 · 3 min read

Statista report shows that over half of organisations globally use Microsoft Azure for their cloud services. Recently, Microsoft introduced the Solutions Partner program, where certified companies offer top-tier client service. 

We proudly share that our team focusing on data analytics projects acquired a Data & AI (Azure) Solutions Partner status for Baltic Amadeus. This achievement necessitated extensive training and a proven track record of successful project implementations – affirming our expertise in helping companies modernise their data analytics solutions using Azure technologies

Data & AI

Read more to learn about the benefits Data & AI competence offers for our clients. 

How do you benefit from an IT partner with Data & AI competence?

Being a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Data & AI, you showcase extensive expertise in assisting clients in effectively managing their data across diverse systems, culminating in developing advanced data analytics and AI solutions.   

With a Microsoft Data & AI competence, we support our clients in:  

  • Conducting in-depth analysis of current workloads, developing schema models, and executing extract, transform, load (ETL) operations to facilitate data migration to cloud-based data warehouses and support cloud-based analytics solutions; 
  • Designing and deploying customised Microsoft analytics solutions utilising Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Factory, and Azure Databricks; 
  • Facilitating client adoption of AI technologies and implementing Azure solutions for AI-powered applications and machine learning life cycles. 

Teaming up with a Data & AI Solutions Partner allows clients to use Azure tools and achieve better outcomes by adopting best practices in modern data analytics.  

At Baltic Amadeus, we support our clients in creating and modernising data warehouses in the Azure cloud as well as modernising reporting solutions by leveraging Power BI. Explore these project directions in the next paragraph. 

Data warehouse in Azure cloud 

Gathering business data from multiple sources requires significant manual work, resulting in error-filled reporting. A data warehouse built with cloud technologies can be a solid solution to avoid such discrepancies.   

We recommend a cloud data warehouse solution that brings numerous advantages: 

  • Effectiveness. Create, review and share business reports easily; 
  • Quality. Increase data quality and reliability of reports by eliminating incorrect data and duplicates; 
  • Automation. Reduce the need for manual effort by adopting the latest technologies; 
  • Cost optimisation. Solution as a service will eliminate the costs of infrastructure purchasing, support and licenses.   

During the cloud data warehouse implementation project, our data analytics team facilitates and guides clients in enhancing their data analytics and reporting capabilities by utilising Azure platform services. 

Whether you want to increase data quality, minimise manual efforts with process automation, and ensure cost-efficiency for your business, we are ready to guide you. Learn more about a cloud data warehouse solution right now. 

Building and modernising business reports on Microsoft Power BI  

Have you ever struggled to share data in a way everyone can understand across different departments? Or found it hard to analyse data presented in various formats? In these cases, we can help adapt the Power BI platform and streamline the reporting process. 

While implementing the Power BI solution, our team can ensure core improvements for your reporting process: 

  • Data visualisation. Create interactive visualisations like charts, graphs, maps, and dashboards for quick insights into complex data; 
  • Data connectivity. Access a wide range of data sources, including databases, cloud services, Excel files, and streaming data for unified data analysis; 
  • Data preparation. Utilise built-in tools to clean, transform, and shape data, handle data quality issues, and derive insights efficiently; 
  • AI integration. Leverage Microsoft’s AI capabilities for natural language querying, automated insights, and predictive analytics to uncover hidden patterns in data; 
  • Collaboration and sharing. Enable collaboration within departments through shared datasets, reports, and dashboards, allowing seamless sharing with colleagues and stakeholders. 

With Microsoft Power BI, you can integrate diverse data sources, accelerate analytics and reporting, access real-time insights, and enable self-service analytics.  

If you want to benefit from Power BI, we can offer expert-led guidance, solution implementation, and more. Learn more about the Power BI solution today. 

In addition to cloud data warehouse and Power BI solutions, we cover a full scope of data analytics services, including data strategy and governance, data integration and management, data warehousing, and artificial intelligence and data visualisation.   

Whether you’re starting out or already on your data journey, Baltic Amadeus is here to assist you. Click to contact our IT consultants now. 

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