2016 04 05

Baltic Amadeus together with its long-standing client and partner DNB bank have developed a mobile app called My Blood and presented it as a gift to Public Establishment the National Blood Centre. From now on, every donor will be able to track the journey of their blood they have donated on a smart device.

In summer 2014, professionals from Baltic Amadeus and DNB bank took part in the Hackathon, an event organised by the Tech City Association, where they developed, within 36 hours, a prototype of the blood donation app called My Blood which secured the first place for the joint team. The result achieved and excellent response to the idea led to further development and additional investments of both co-developer companies. The project was joined and the idea to be implemented was supported by a new partner, Public Establishment the National Blood Centre, which had the mobile app developed for and presented free of charge to.

A common objective of Baltic Amadeus, DNB bank and Public Establishment the National Blood Centre is creating a donor community and spreading this idea to help become an unpaid blood donor in a quicker and easier way.

The smart My Blood app has been tailored for Android and iOS operating systems. One can make an appointment for a blood donation at the desired time, find the most convenient place for giving blood and, once they become a blood donor, track the journey of their blood and see full history of the donation on the app. Every blood donor collecting drops of blood will be entered into a loyalty scheme where they will be able to enjoy tailored deals. The app has integration with Facebook social network where the achievements of one’s donations can be shared, others invited to join as well as the donor status compared with that of one’s friends.

The mobile app presented as a gift to Public Establishment the National Blood Centre is yet another solution developed by Baltic Amadeus which will help the company make a contribution to creating a civil and conscious society and the mobile app will assist in saving lives.