2016 08 23

Baltic Amadeus UAB has implemented a project initiated by Norwegian company C-Effective AS, unveiling the web solution and mobile application FamWeek for all types of organisations as well as for families. The tool will simplify the management of communication and information flow between different interested parties and organisations, as well as making the family-life much easier to organise.

The client was looking for an innovative system that ensures the reliable, fast and efficient management of communication between parents and all types of organisations, and that can be easily adapted to the needs of every user. Baltic Amadeus created a solution that operates on the basis of Drupal 7 and is adapted to the Android and iOS intelligent platforms, users of which can easily review or register personal information of existing or new users, manage transactions for services provided, write and receive messages, and share video material and calendar records, among other things. Meanwhile, parents can be sure of not missing any relevant information sent to them and can find it in one place, as well as having access to functions such as the ability to receive notifications on mobile devices, they can change the activity plans of their children, connect children‘s activity calendar to their family calendar, communicate both with all types of organisations and other parents, create events and initiate joint activities.

It is very important for people in charge to mark in the system every single change in location of the child – such as going outside for activities, excursions and to go home – from the moment they arrive at the institution until the moment they leave. This way, parents are kept informed about their children and can feel sure of their safety.

Kari Bech-Moen, the founder of C-Effective, is happy with successful outcome of the FamWeek project. “I am very pleased to have chosen the Baltic Amadeus team to carry out the project and with the product created, which has really simplified everyday life both for myself and for many other busy families,” said Kari Bech-Moen.

The result of our cooperation can be seen in few videos:

“Thanks to this successful international partnership we are continuing to develop the functionality of this solution while together managing a roadmap of a new totally unique product.”

“I am delighted that professionally implemented solutions from Baltic Amadeus team create added value for clients and users. We also contribute to improving safety, a concern that is so relevant in our days all over the world,” said Andžej Šuškevič, CEO of Baltic Amadeus.

A number of different nurseries as well as activity schools in Norway are piloting the Beta-version of FamWeek at the moment. After new year the product will be ready for wide-spreading in Norway, other Nordic countries.