Cooperation between a Lithuanian and a Danish company will help fight school riots and terrorism

2015 05 11

As acts of violence and terror become more prevalent worldwide, many countries are looking for a way to prevent possible threats. Baltic Amadeus in cooperation with the Danish IT company Magenta ApS, is going to introduce an alarm and emergency management IT system to the Norwegian market which is meant to protect the educational establishments in the Akershus County from possible threats. The preliminary value of the system development is 6.000.000 NOK (around 680.000 EUR).

In case of emergency, each person from an educational establishment will be able to send an alarm signal. After the signal is sent, the system turns on and starts registering every incoming signal or movement very accurately while streaming video, audio and mapping information, sending warnings of various types to other organizations located in a hazardous zone.

The solution will be available on the Android and iOS platforms, and all desktop browsers will have integration interfaces with VOIP telephones and audio information systems located at the educational establishments.

“We are very pleased with this product and with the co­operation with Baltic Amadeus” ­ said Magenta CEO Morten Kjærsgaard. “The level of competence of Baltic Amadeus is impressive and together we have created a great solution that will be implemented in the educational establishments of Akershus County“.

“This is yet another modern solution developed by Baltic Amadeus and it is a great pleasure to enhance the security of the Norwegian education sector as well as contributing towards terrorism prevention”, ­ said Baltic Amadeus CEO Andžej Šuškevič.

Towards the completion of the project, this unique and unprecedented solution will be installed and used in 40 educational establishments in the county.