Business should move toward today: from digitisation to transformation

2020 05 08 · 2 min read

Now is the best time to pause and think about what I have not done before and what I could do to prevent such contingencies as the pandemic declared as a result of the coronavirus and the introduction of global quarantine will not stop my company from operating, says Irmantas Bankauskas, sales director of the company “Baltic Amadeus.
According to the specialist, if large companies often make change more difficult and slower, small and medium-sized businesses are more flexible,faster and able to adapt to changing conditions. Therefore, entrepreneurs in this area should start thinking not only about digitising business, but also digital transformation.

“The goal should not be digital, but a business transformation through digital opportunities. In this way, businesses will be better prepared for the future and potential risks (like the unexpected virus). A digital business is a business that is constantly a step ahead, improving and growing. I believe that progress is impossible without change, and that these changes must take place quickly and continuously today. We need to learn how to work efficiently: if one idea does not work, we should move on to another idea and look for the ways it can work. We can ensure the growth and survival of our business in this competitive situation,” advises I. Bankauskas.

According to Irmantas, the first steps towards digital transformation can be small: to give up paper documents, to use an e-signature, to create an e-shop, etc. However, it is immediately necessary to anticipate the challenges that may be facing the business in the future and what to do so that they have the least impact on the company’s current performance and results. Ideally, think about digitisation by raising annual targets and assess what business transformation processes could help to achieve. Thus, the transformation should be seen not only as an implementation of information technology, but as a process of business development.

“If we ask the entrepreneurs themselves, they would probably say that they are trying to digitise their business. Although digitization was previously considered a transition to Microsoft Office Excel, today it is certainly no longer enough. We must perceive digitisation as a whole in information systems and technology. Therefore, we need to look at this as a transformation of the business, using digital resources, opportunities that meet the needs of every business”, – says I. Bankauskas.

This is also the reason why sometimes it is not enough to change the software or information systems you use. According to Irmantas, sometimes inefficient processes in companies are ineffective , and certain habits are extremely old.

According to the representative of Baltic Amadeus, the main objectives for small and medium-sized businesses today should remain improving performance and ensuring customer satisfaction. Towards this, it is possible to move in several directions: improving the user experience (improving UX), agility, innovation search, data collection and use to improve operational efficiency .

“Of course, every market has its own uniqueness. However, due attention to these development directions and appropriate tools can help to make tomorrow calmer. This is how we take advantage of competitors and we can avoid the so-called cold shower when the situation changes,” says I. Bankauskas.