2015 06 04

Baltic Amadeus has become the winner of German economy awards 2015 competition organized by the German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (AHK). The award was presented on the 2nd of June, 2015 in Vilnius. The software developers are based in Vilnius Santara valley – the new IT centre connecting young and creative Lithuanians. This year the competition commemorated its anniversary – the German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce gave this prize in Lithuania for the 10th time.

“I was mostly impressed by the fact that Baltic Amadeus is active since 1988 – active in such a ‘young’ sector and such a ‘young’ country that regained its independence only in 1990” – says Thomas Schöllkopf, AHK president. “Despite this, the company has adapted well to the conditions in the sector by constantly expanding and strengthening its international competitiveness. This is reflected not only in the quality of products, but also in communication with customers and employees.”

“I see this achievement as an appreciation of our company which is of exceptionally great importance to us. It is particularly pleasing that not only our proactiveness, international competitiveness and ambitious development plans have been recognized, but also the right strategy invoked by Baltic Amadeus, the values we cherish and the culture of our company that we create. Attention to the client and the employee as well as immediate and professional relationships are the main factors of our success”, – delightfully stated CEO of the Baltic Amadeus Andžej Šuškevič.

“The company applications for the German economy award competition confirmed the Lithuanian economic diversity” – says Schöllkopf. There were 17 strong applications from the most diverse sectors – from laser manufacturers, mineral water distributors to manufacturers of natural cosmetics. “Picking the winner was not easy” – says Schöllkopf. Ultimately, long-term export strategy of Baltic Amadeus together with innovative company philosophy persuaded the jury.

Given the current political crisis in Russia and its economic implications, for this year’s competition AHK announced the nomination – “Success in new markets”. The jury consisted of German and Lithuanian political and business representatives. Over the past six weeks, commission members visited six companies-finalists. Baltic Amadeus convinced to be an ambitious and successful company. During the ceremony held in Vilnius small theatre, the prize – a check for 5,000 euros – was handed by the German Ambassador to Lithuania and a patron of the event – Jutta Schmitz.