Baltic Amadeus strikes Premium partnership with Sylius to boost global strategy

2022 10 19 · 1 min read

What is our highlight of this autumn? Surely a new partnership with Sylius, the leader of Open Source Headless eCommerce Framework on Symfony!   

As a long-year eCommerce solution provider, we clearly noticed how digital transformation drives the demand for unique and innovative eCommerce platforms. 75% of internet users in Europe choose to buy goods or services online. This number is only forecasted to grow within years, naturally inducing companies to choose eCommerce as their main or additional sales channel.   

We are beyond happy to strengthen our technological and business competencies with an always-growing partner like Sylius.   

B2B and B2C solutions supported by the leading eCommerce platform

As eCommerce demand continues growing, expertise in Sylius and Sylius Plus enables our clients to scale their online businesses even more efficiently.  

With Sylius, we can create scalable solutions depending on different IT infrastructures and various systems. Also, with Sylius Plus, we can offer advanced multi-store and return management, partial order fulfilment, multi-source inventory and other out-of-the-box features.  

“The partnership with a well-recognised eCommerce platform provider — Sylius, is a strategic step toward delivering demand-tested solutions to the EU and U.S. markets. As a Premium Solution Partner, we are ready to fully guide our clients through all Sylius and Sylius Plus specialities, providing solutions that suit their needs, supercharge their sales and expand their online business to the fullest,” says Vitalis Kavaliauskas, the Chief Technology Officer at Baltic Amadeus

Growing eCommerce forces 

With evolving consumer needs for a flawless buying journey and non-stopping competition in the market, companies constantly seek innovative solutions to make it happen. Therefore, Baltic Amadeus is here to help by offering a full-scope service: from infrastructure to solution support and maintenance.  

“After years of trusting Sylius solutions, we are happy that Baltic Amadeus officially joins the Sylius Lithuanian community as a Premium Partner. Now, we are the largest IT company in the Baltics that has a Premium Solution Partner badge, and this move boosts our international eCommerce service expansion. By teaming up with Sylius, we strengthen our eCommerce forces not only in the Baltics, Scandinavia but also in the whole EU and U.S.,” mentions Vitalis. 

The partnership brings one more highlight — the growing Lithuanian community of Sylius. As Paulina Błaszczyk, Partner Manager (Baltics) at Sylius, comments: “It is very exciting to see the community and interest in Sylius grow so rapidly in Lithuania. Baltic Amadeus is a great example of yet another Partner we have been working with for a long time, officially joining our Network. Knowing the Sylius projects, Baltic Amadeus has been working on and the quality of their work, I am looking forward to what our official cooperation can bring to the market next.” 

What is Sylius?  

Sylius is a technology giving full freedom to create an exceptional customer experience. Moreover, Sylius is Open Source and exceptionally flexible eCommerce framework designed for the dynamic growth of your innovative business.  

Founded in 2010 as an online shop for the family business, Sylius is the #1 Open Source Headless eCommerce platform, having more than 2000 shops worldwide. Moreover, Sylius is installed about 40 000 times every month. 

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