Baltic Amadeus offers the solution for medical professionals: patients will be counselled remotely

2020 04 02 · 2 min read

After quarantine is declared in Lithuania, only the necessary medical assistance services are provided in the medical establishments. This means that registration for doctor appointment is not carried out and scheduled consultations are cancelled. In order to resolve the situation, a solution has been developed to help medical professionals provide counselling at a distance.

“We have noticed that until now there has been no system in Lithuania that allows patients to register for an appointment, consult directly in video format and, if necessary, immediately pay for the service. Such a system will be used by any business providing consultancy services, both public and private, from family doctors to psychologists or even legal entities,” says Darius Dužinskas, head of People and Marketing at Baltic Amadeus.

Today, most remote medical consultations take place by telephone. However, it is not easy for patients to make calls, reception staff receive endless calls, resulting in high call traffic administration challenges.
“We want to help the medical professionals, so we are urgently developing a solution that will allow to adapt to changing conditions. Together with few different medical institutions, we are developing the prototype of the system.

The system is being developed and is currently relevant to medical institutions, but it will also can be applied after the quarantine. For example, advising emigrants of those patients who are unable or unwilling to leave their homes because of illness.

Patients will connect through the e-government gates. Individuals will be given the opportunity to review the employment schedules of working doctors or other counselling staff and to register for video consultation. The person will be able to complete the check-in by himself and do not have to wait for the reception staff to do so. For their part, institutions will be free to administer these requests.

The service will be offered to medical companies only at prime cost, Baltic Amadeus will not earn any profit from it. The original prototype of the system is expected to be developed by the end of this week.