Baltic Amadeus in a Collab with Talend: Helping Organisations Manage Data Chaos

2021 06 03 · 2 min read

The leader in data management has arrived in the Baltics 

“Our partnership with Talend is a strategic step towards bringing top-tier solutions to the Baltic markets. The leading position of this service provider has been recognised by the global experts in business analytics, Gartner and Forrester. At the same time, Talend’s products are used by companies such as Toyota, Siemens, HP, L’Oréal, and Domino’s. The attractive and flexible pricing also makes their tools powerful and affordable for many organisations. We are excited to become the first ambassador for these products in the Baltic region. We are prepared to advise our clients on all aspects of using Talend’s products and installing and maintaining the solution,” said Vitalis Kavaliausias, Chief Technology Officer at Baltic Amadeus.    

In 2005, the US-based Talend launched its innovative data processing solutions. It became one of the first startups to use open code. Specifically, Talend’s proprietary Talend Open Studio data processing system became the first open-code tool with a commercial application. The company’s innovative mindset and ability to adapt to the latest trends allowed it to jump early aboard the cloud product development train. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Talend’s stock price has been rising. It has been the highest over the past 2.5 years due to its solutions that mirror the market’s major concerns: smooth data management and security.  

60% of organisations do not trust their data   

There are many reasons why organisations are electing to use Talend’s products: legal compliance, development of exclusive experiences for clients, business optimisation, and improvement of the decision-making process. However, as often as not, the key purpose is accelerating digital transformation and maximising the value of the company’s data.  

Many corporate executives know that this process takes time to achieve. The number of systems an organisation uses, and the data stored in those systems is constantly growing. In contrast, the data is scattered all over the place: some of it is stored in the company’s own infrastructure, some in cloud computing, while some are still in the custody of the software provider. This abundance of data and various sources and formats make life hard for IT specialists and data users. A staggering 60% of organisations say they do not trust their available data, believing it may be incomplete, inaccurate or outdated. These are problems that Talend’s products can help resolve.  

Broad options to enable modern data analytics 

In the words of Kavaliauskas, Talend helps manage data chaos by offering a single platform for all data management tasks: data collection, processing and management. It also transfers the data for further use in conventional business analytics, data science, or real-time integration into operational management systems. “For clients to be sure about the quality of the data and their own decisions, Talend provides a unique, machine-learning-based opportunity to see the reliability grade of the data and to obtain advice about how it should be corrected,” explained Kavaliauskas.    

An inherent strength of Talend is the possibility of managing data without remaining attached to a specific data storage site or database management system. This gives organisations the freedom to choose the location and method for storing their data, whether on the cloud or in their own infrastructure. These and other characteristics that Talend provides ensure that the organisation’s data is managed in a way that is just as efficient in terms of IT costs.  

Extra attention to safety of data analytics processes 

Talend’s products help manage large data flows, structure and update the data in different systems, and ensure that this data is handled and stored safely. According to Kavaliauskas, one advantage of the tools Talend has developed is a clear-cut data safety protocol: “It is a 16-step system, which allows companies to create a consistent data analytics process in which the preparedness of the company to work with the sensitive data of its clients plays a vital role.”  

The installation of Talend is followed by an update to the corporation’s data management policy, where the first step is to establish the data processing policy, standards and control principles. The other fifteen steps involve the consistent development of a structured approach to data, the development of a data taxonomy, the establishment of a data chain, system testing, and other actions completed by control mechanisms that guarantee compliance with the established rules. This creates a system that is effective and clearly understood by every employee in the company.  

“Today, Talend is a leader in the market, and we are happy to be able to present its products to Baltic companies. For our part, we are prepared to advise our clients on deploying these system solutions, as we believe that Talend’s tools can help a business improve its operational efficiency with solid data analytics processes. This is because the system is designed to save time and human and financial resources,” said the Baltic Amadeus Chief Technology Officer. 

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